Triple Tangent Twednesday!

1.  Tonight, David and I partied like it was 1999.

Ahhhhh yeah.

2.  That was our bill from what you might recognize as this...

But what you don't see pictured on that receipt is this...

Also known as the cake that was given to us by one of the waitresses.  Not our actual server, who was a guy named Ryan who didn't seem to care for us... but another waitress who we have had many other times.  She brought us cake.  Because she likes us.  I need to become liked by other restaurant professionals.  This whole cake thing is all right with me.

3.  That being said... I went to Lululemon today (SERIOUSLY, THIS IS A FULL BLOWN ADDICTION) and got super excited because there was an incredibly cute Stride jacket on sale, and since I'm madly in love with the Stride jacket I already have (don't judge me), it only made logical sense that I get another one.  Except that the one on sale was a size 2.  The one I have is a size 6... and let's be honest, it probably should be a size 8, but I'm a jerk and if the size 6 fits, then I'm buying the size 6.  Please.  Regardless... I tried on the size 2.  And it did, in fact, close!  But it was the hardest that poor little spandex had ever worked in its little spandex life.

I can't imagine why that size 2 didn't fit perfectly.  It obviously couldn't have been that pizza that I devoured.  Or the cake that I stole most of while David wasn't looking.  And it certainly wasn't this...

Obviously it was a sizing error.  I should report that ill-fitting jacket directly to Lululemon.  And pray that they don't find this blog.

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