Cinderella Boot Camp Day One

Today's workout:
HIIT 20 and Ab Ripper X
311 calories/38:00

Today I began what I am calling "Cinderella Boot Camp."  Cinderella opens in just over 6 weeks, and I want to look absolutely fabulous.  Prince Charming has been directed to stare longingly at me in amazement the minute he sees me, but I want everybody in that audience to drop their jaws and do the same thing.  Luckily, I have six weeks.  And, coincidentally, I am now 6 pounds away from the weight I was at when I finished P90X.  So if I can lose a pound a week for the next six weeks (which is totally doable if I avoid French fries at all costs), I can be back at my lowest adult weight for Cinderella.  Which would be GLORIOUS.  Thus... "Cinderella Boot Camp."  While the running three times a week thing will get me ready for the half marathon in February, it won't get me back into my skinny jeans... which I haven't actually worn in over a year.  I miss those jeans and I want to wear them when we go out after opening night.  

My plan for the next six weeks is essentially to combine three different programs: my current half marathon plan, Turbo Fire, and P90X.  Obviously I can't do everything, and since I do want to be ready for that half marathon, the running is my top priority.  But part of the FIRST training plan is an emphasis on cross-training.  Personally, I'm not a swimmer or a cyclist - I can do both, but I'm not going to do it regularly, and even if it's the best cross-training for runners, if I don't do it, it doesn't help me.  So on the days I'm not running (right now I'm shooting for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), I'll be doing a mixture of Turbo Fire and P90X.  I'm going to lean heavily on the HIIT workouts from TF, mostly because I think I've got my long cardio workouts covered with my running - better I get in some high intensity stuff and add some variety.  I'm hoping to do all three HIITs each week, using HIIT 15 and HIIT 20 as a warmup (HA!) for strength training, and HIIT 25 as more of a stand alone workout.  As for P90X, I'll be adding it in as I feel like it.  Today I chose to do Ab Ripper X because I've been completely neglecting my abs.  On Friday, I'm planning on doing Core Synergistics... more abs, but also some "functional fitness" style stuff, which I realize I haven't done in a while.

... bored yet?  I know.  But you're saving my parents and David from having to hear all of this, so I'm sure they would thank you personally right now if you actually read that and cared.

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