Oh, Colorado weather... you slay me.

The six mile tempo run that I had planned for today didn't happen.  Because a foot and a half of snow happened.

So instead of doing six miles, I dug a car out of the snow and shoveled a path from my driveway to my front door, which sounds so much easier than it really was.

That did not happen.  But grilled cheese slathered in butter and creamy tomato soup abso-freaking-lutely happened.

I also took Bonnie on an incredibly entertaining walk, during which we both leapt around in the fresh powder.  People thought it was cute when she did it... I don't know what they were thinking when they saw me bobbing around out there.

So in light of having absolutely nothing to say that is even remotely related to fitness, health, or wellbeing besides "I ate a banana today," I will share my new Facebook page with all of you!  

 Click me!  I'm exciting!

Yes, that's right, Running for Bikinis now has a Facebook page.  Finally.  I keep trying to be cool and falling just a little bit behind... it's like middle school all over again.  


  1. Snow!!!! I would kill for a foot and a half snow right now! Instead it's just 4 degrees outside (seriously- I'm not even exaggerating) and we don't have even a skiff. Ugh.

    Cheese sandwiches and tomato soup is my FAVORITE.

  2. @Amylee

    Amylee, TAKE IT. Please. I love the snow when I get to just look at it, but the whole digging my car out of it and walking around in it and trying not to fall down thing doesn't work well for me.

    How about this - I will send you the snow and you can send me grilled cheese. Deal?