The 100th Edition of Why I Failed at Blogging

But seriously.

Today's run:
5.11 miles/1:09:00

I wish I had a really good story about why I haven't been blogging, especially since I made a big "I'm back!" post and then wasn't actually back.  I suppose the good story is that I took a new job, left my old job (I cried so much when I had to say goodbye to my Weight Watchers members), moved across the country into a brand new apartment, furnished the apartment, started training for the new job that has a crazy schedule, attempted to have social skills so as to make friends at new job, and generally tried to continue functioning as a productive member of society.

It's not a great story, but it's the truth.

So part of why I haven't been blogging is because I've been crazy busy.  I am loving my new job so far, but I am back on the bottom of the totem pole at Disney, which means I work a whole lot of nights.  Not sure if I've mentioned it on this blog before, but I am a morning person.  I am a serious morning person.  I am chipper and cheerful at 6 am.  You know when I'm not chipper or cheerful?  3 am.  But have I been working at 3 am?  Oh yes, I have!  And I'm sure I was a real pleasure to be around.

The other reason I haven't been blogging is simple: shame.  See, the working until all hours of the morning thing doesn't just make me grumpy.  It also makes me tired.  Really tired.  Let's take, for example, the string of three nights I worked last week until 1:30 am.  That's actually a very reasonable hour for me, and honestly, I am not complaining - I really do love this job so far, and am very grateful I have the chance to do what I do.  But if I'm working until 1:30 in the morning, I don't get home until about 2 or 2:15.  Then I need a little bit of time to decompress (read: shove food in my face and stare blankly at a wall) before I go to bed.  So I'm asleep by maybe 3 am.  It's not terrible, but let's keep in mind that I am now living in Florida, the land of heat and humidity.  If I want to have a decent run, I need to be out the door by about 7 am.  Asleep by 3 am and running by 7 am does not a happy Jessica make.  Want to take a guess at how many runs I've been on since I got to Florida a month ago?

Come on, it'll be fun!  Take a guess!  10 runs?  15 runs perhaps?  It has been a month, so if I was running my typical 3 times per week, then I should have racked up at least 12 runs by now, right?

Um.  Yeah.  Did I mention the shame?  Including tonight, I have run 5 times in Florida.  Once on the treadmill, which was just as hateful and boring as I remember, and four times outside.  I can't even tell you how I much I sweat here.  But you don't want to know, and I respect that.

Long story short... I haven't been the best runner.  And I certainly haven't been the best blogger.  But today I went to lunch with a friend of mine who also has a blog, and who has managed to rack up an impressive amount of readers.  We got onto the topic of blogging and how sometimes it just isn't happening and she said something about how she'd read my blog and I was good at it.  She said I was funny.

So here I am.  Back to blogging because somebody said I was good at it.  Well... that and because I actually went for a run.  Please hold your applause until we see if I make it back tomorrow.