On my way to see the Mouse!

Seven miles DONE this morning - I don't have my Garmin with me so I am lacking details, but I know I shaved several minutes off of my time from two weekends ago.  And more importantly, I actually felt good instead of having to push through every minute.  Having "Sleigh Ride" come on during the biggest hill of the run helped... and so did my new best friend.

Oh hell yeah.

Time to get on a plane now!  <3

15 Thing Friday: Disney World Edition

This is my second attempt at a 15 Thing Friday... the first attempt was started while I was sitting in one of the Weight Watchers centers bored out of my mind while doing open hours.  Obviously "doing open hours" means, in my mind, blogging and visiting Facebook and watching ridiculous videos on YouTube.  Totally appropriate, right?  Please no one from work find my blog.  

But while the first attempt (which got to #5 before I couldn't think of anything else) was brought to you by Weight Watchers Open Hours, this second attempt is brought to you by Disney World.  Because that is where I will be tomorrow night!  Huzzah huzzah!

So, these are the first 15 things that came to my tired brain that I want to do/see/ride/devour when I get there.  Enjoy.

1.  The purpose of the trip (aside from PURE UNADULTERATED JOY) is to get some seasonal shifts done this week because I am apparently suicidal and want to spend the last week of August in Orlando.  I never said I was very smart.  And I've decided not to do my long run on Sunday in hot, humid Florida (smart) so I'll be doing it tomorrow morning before a flight (dumb).  So, the first thing I will have to do when I get there is to refuel properly by eating my weight in cream cheese pretzels.  I will be a happy girl.  I won't fit in my jeans, but I will be happy.

2.  Wishes.  In case you have not been to Walt Disney World, Wishes is the fireworks show that happens in the Magic Kingdom each night during the regular season (the show changes for Halloween and Christmas parties).  Wishes is amazing.  I still cry like a baby during parts of it, regardless of the fact that I've seen it countless times.  So this will need to happen like, immediately.  Duh.

3.  Dole Whip.  Much like cream cheese pretzels, this is one of those things that has to be in my hand within the first 24 hours of my being in Disney World.  Dole Whip is pineapple soft serve.  It only sounds kind of exciting when you first think about it, but trust me, it's amazing.  It's so amazing that when David informed me that a place called House of Dolewhip opened up in West Hollywood and was offering a Groupon, I screamed.  I may have also cried.  See, Dole Whip used to be only available in Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the Dole factory in Hawaii.  So in the battle to get Jessica to move to LA, David just got a serious benefit on his side.  I love me some Dole Whip.

It is also available as a float with pineapple juice.  Died and gone to heaven, kids.

4.  Spaceship Earth.  Otherwise known by some as "the big ball in Epcot."  I sometimes get laughed at when I admit this, but Spaceship Earth may be my favorite Disney ride ever.  The reason I get laughed at is because Spaceship Earth is described as "a slow moving journey through the history of human communication."  Yup.  Other people are screaming their heads off happily on Space Mountain, while I sit calmly, pushing my glasses up my nose and learning about how we all learned to understand one another and share our knowledge.  I am super fun at parties.

5.  The Japanese Pavilion in Epcot.  I love all of Epcot so darn much, but the Japanese Pavilion is one of my favorites.  It's gorgeous, the people are incredibly nice, and there is Hello Kitty stuff everywhere.  I mean... I don't see a single problem here...

6.  Rock 'n Roller Coaster.  My favorite roller coaster in all of Disney, and possibly my favorite roller coaster ever.  Most likely I'll be a creeper and go to Hollywood Studios alone, and then just go into the single rider line 10 times first thing in the morning.  Because I'm super cool and parents definitely don't look at me funny.  Hey, I'm just waiting until I get to hear "Dude Looks Like a Lady" and then I'll be happy and leave you alone.  Mmmmmk?

7.  Illuminations.  It's always hard for me to decide which fireworks show I love more... Wishes in the Magic Kingdom or Illuminations in Epcot.  Wishes definitely gets at the Disney side of me, but Illuminations is just a spectacular show.  It goes on every night in Epcot at 9 pm, and if I could be in Epcot every night at 9 pm watching it, I'm pretty sure life would be perfect.  

8.  Earl of Sandwich.  You didn't think I'd forgotten about the eating, did you?  Earl of Sandwich is THE BEST.  If only an Earl of Sandwich opened up in West Hollywood right next to House of Dolewhip, then David knows that I would be on the next flight to LA having sold all of my stuff to support by sandwich and soft serve habit.  Truth.  The only problem with Earl of Sandwich (besides the fact that it's constantly busy because it is amazing) is that I love too many of their sandwiches.  So I can't just go once.  I have to go once for the Cannonballs, once for the Hawaiian BBQ without pineapple, and once for The Full Montagu.  And don't even get me started on what happens when the holiday sandwich comes out...

9.  The Jungle Cruise.  Yeeeeeeah... I guess I should include this since I'll be working there, right?  What can I say about Jungle... well, maybe someday I'll post a horrible video of me actually doing a cruise, and then you'll know all there is to know. 

10.  Disney's Days of Christmas.  Because I'm one of those stereotypical people that starts yearning for Christmas and the holiday season in July.  And as if I didn't already have enough Disney Christmas decorations (ahem), I should probably pick up some more.  After all, I only have 4 more months!!!!

11.  Mickey's PhilharMagic.  The best 3D show I have ever seen (sorry, Muppets 3D, you know I love you) and starring one of my favorites, Mr. Donald Duck.  And yes, I am a little lame for still having favorites at 24, and yet, I am perfectly okay with it.  I love all of Fantasyland, but this is one of my "must do" attractions.

12.  The castle at night.  This kind of goes hand in hand with Wishes, but I'm getting tired and starting to forget all of my favorite places to stalk in Disney World... not a good sign.  I just love the castle at night. I love the castle all the time.  My favorite is castle with holiday lights, but much like Christmas, I still have a few more months of waiting for that one to go up.

13.  The Polynesian Resort.  On top of the fact that it's the best Disney hotel ever and I so wish I was staying there this trip (sorry, All Star Sports, but you are a sad substitute) it is also home to SELF SERVE DOLE WHIP.  Which is kind of incredible.  And I intend on abusing it heavily.

14.  Churro.  It's actually been quite a while since I've had a churro, but I have been craving one lately and I think it is a sign.  Maybe one day I'll just live off of churros and cream cheese pretzels.  It will be a study in carbohydrate overload.  It will be a glorious addition to science (forgive me, I am exhausted).

And last, but certainly not least...

15.  MICKEY MOUSE!  My main man.  Sorry David...

Triple Tangent Twednesday Tease...

You didn't think I'd forgotten, did you?  I just wanted to make you look at funny pictures and read all of my whining about running before you got your surprise!

Now... a slight disclaimer is in order here.  When I stop rambling and actually start singing, you might want to turn down your volume.  I was standing a little too close to the microphone so it gets a little blasty and obnoxious when I'm hitting high notes, and I'd rather you all not stop following me simply because I made your ears bleed.  That would be sad for me.  I was going to redo it standing farther away from the microphone, but first of all, I looked like I was avoiding the camera when I tried it and second, the catastrophe I'm about to post is really a pretty good insight of my actual behavior.  Seriously.  Watch this and then get in touch with David to tell him how impressed you are that he's been with me for so long.  And then imagine my whole anglerfish conversation in a similar hyperactive tone and wonder why.  I still don't know why.

Okay.  I'm done stalling.  My bedtime is in 9 minutes, so here we go.  Please enjoy.  Don't let your ears bleed.

EDIT:  I cannot get this video to work for the life of me.  When I open it on my computer, QuickTime pops up and it plays just fine.  But when I upload it to Blogger or YouTube, it condenses a 2:45 video into 0:45 and is even creepier than the original.  I promise I will fix this, but right now I can barely keep my eyes open and something is going horribly wrong with my sink.  Forgive me... I know the whole world was waiting with bated breath for this video.

I'm actually posting before 11 pm.

It's a miracle!  Now I just have to hurry up and finish this nonsense so that I can go to sleepy time before I get grumpy pants.

See the bottom cat?  The one who looks like he's going to throw down?  That will be me if I'm not in the fetal position and drooling on my pillow by 10 pm tonight.

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Week Nine, Day Two (30 minute tempo run)
3.18 miles/40:00

Not a bad tempo run... I didn't get as far as I did with David on our anniversary run, but I also didn't feel like crying at the end, so I'll take it.  Some day I will not want to die when I'm running the hills in my neighborhood.  Today was not that day.  I tried to avoid them as best as I could, but it's inevitable - the last couple intervals are always uphill unless I want to just run farther away from my house and then have to walk back wheezing and sweaty and begging for ice water.  But I tried not to beat myself up for going slower when I was doing the hills, and sometimes that's all I can do.  The 8:45 min/mile pace didn't happen for me today (though the Garmin says my best pace was 8:12 which I find hard to believe) but I did try to keep the running around 9:30 to 10:30, which felt pretty good.  I was able to do the second mile in 11:04, which is kind of outstanding considering that included my walk intervals.  I've been debating lately about trying to do a 5K without the intervals, just constant running, but I think my pace is actually better with the intervals.  I know it's mostly mental, but facing 30 to 40 minutes of just straight running sounds unbearable to me.  I have to be able to tell myself I only have to run for one more minute.  Maybe I chose the wrong activity...

But then again, I haven't exactly been rocking the Turbo Fire thing lately... I didn't do either of the TF workouts that were scheduled for me today.  I'm using the excuse of "I got 6 hours of sleep and already did a tempo run," even if the tempo run was only for three miles.  Don't judge.

In other news, I worked more than 2 hours today and it was downright strenuous.  I'm flying back to Florida this weekend to work a few seasonal shifts and I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through eight hours of productivity.  David, if you're reading this, please become a rich and famous writer tomorrow so that I only have to work to support my shopping habit.  Though... with my shopping habit, I'd probably be working 80 hour weeks.  Rude.

Triple Tangent Twednesday!

I better type this one fast, since there is less than an hour left in Wednesday.  Which means getting up early to run is going to be a blast!  Whew boy.

1.  So I know I joke about being an old woman and the idea that 10 pm is past my bedtime, but... seriously... I gradually turn into an idiot as soon as the sun goes down.  If you don't believe me, ask David, who had to listen to me ramble on about anglerfish for a good half hour the other night because he kept me up late.

Why anglerfish?  Great question.  I don't remember.  But I do remember that through the course of the conversation, I went from being terrified of anglerfish and convinced that I was in danger of them attacking me (disregard that most of them live in the deep sea and that I normally don't go in water that isn't a bathtub or a heated pool anyway) to wanting to have one as a pet.  I believe I wanted to name it Juan, and make it be friends with my two sharks, Hector and Fernando.  At least I have a vivid imagination.  And apparently a thing for Latin men.  Sorry David.

2.  I'm rather gullible.  I remembered this today because I made the mistake of going to the mall by myself.  This never works out well.  Either I wander aimlessly and get bored really quickly (rarely) or I spend too much money on things I clearly don't need because no one is there to slap me upside the head (common).  So because I went alone, and allowed myself to be attacked (read: complimented and seduced) by the people working at those dumb kiosks in the middle of everything, this happened...

Um.  Yeah.  In case you've never fallen victim to the people of Seacret before, let me give you a quick rundown: the "secret" of their products is minerals from the Dead Sea... get it?  sea-cret?  secret?  I know ... it hurts.  They normally try to suck you in with lotion, but this girl was gooooood - she told me that I had beautiful hands.  Well, I like being told how pretty I am, so naturally I stopped.  That was the beginning of the end.  Somehow, I ended up with a huge bag filled with scrubs and creams and a nail buffing block that she used to make my left thumb nail look like just-Windexed-glass.  And I felt great and confident for about 5 minutes before I realized how much money I'd dropped on skincare that, while fun and great, I simply did not need.  Then I sat down on a couch and cried to David on the phone for 20 minutes.  And this is AFTER I had already bought a clipless curling iron from another kiosk because she made my hair all pretty and wavy like!

And this is 12 hours after she did it!  And she did it on hair that I'd straightened just an hour before with my crazy hot flatiron!  Yeah.  I have a problem.

3.  If you're wondering what the surprise is... it's this last tangent.  And it's kind of two tangents in one.  The first, and original, tangent that I was planning on was about how I sing.  A lot.  I'm sure you may have gathered from all the Godspell talk that I do sing, but it's not like "I'm an actor and I can also sing." No, no, please understand... I am a singer and a wanna-be comedian and sometimes I act.  My singing has gotten me into a lot of fun stuff.  I sang the National Anthem at basketball games through high school and college, which meant I got to be on the court with the players and feel athletic by association. In my first College Program when I worked at the bakery, I actually got to be in a singing contest called MROC Idol (MROC stands for Magic Kingdom Restaurant Operations Communications... say that 5 times fast) and made it to the final four.  I have a fancy glass plaque etched with my name and everything!

Wondering what that surprise is?  Well, I had an audition last night for a holiday show and they asked to hear a 16 bar selection from our favorite holiday song.  Since I can't sing the Boston Pops version of "Sleigh Ride," I went with a much more serious selection.  And David said several times yesterday that he wished he could hear it, and it got me thinking... why not just put it on the blog?  I'm not enough of an attention whore just posting pictures of myself all day long, I should post myself singing too!

But here's the second part of the tangent... I'm kind of a big tease when it comes to surprises.  As in, I've been bugging David about his birthday present for months now and I still haven't given it to him.  Even though his birthday was in July.  Some people would call this torture.  I call this genius.

So even though I teased you about the surprise... I'm not posting it tonight.  I'm forcing you to come back and read my blog again tomorrow!  Mwahahahahaha!  Because I promise I'll post it then.  Maybe.  You never know with me.

Why am I not sleeping?

I need to work on this whole blogging-before-10-pm thing.  You know, along with the blogging-more-than-once-a-week thing.  There's so many things!

Speaking of things... this post is a let's-catch-up-on-Jessica's-life thing.  See what I did there?  More things.  You're welcome.  Let's begin with the whole running thing since, you know... I guess that's what this blog is about.  I mean, mostly it's about things I want to eat, not fitting into my pants, and ridiculous pictures of me, but we can pretend it has something to do with fitness, right?

My last two runs:
Half Marathon Training Week Eight, Day Two (August 19th)
3.20 miles/40:00
Half Marathon Training Week Nine, Day One (August 23rd)
2.75 miles/40:00
Some more Turbo Fire that I'm currently too lazy to figure out exact details of

In case you're wondering what happened to Week Eight, Day Three... I skipped it.  And yes, that was my second seven miler, and yes, it was probably not my greatest decision in terms of running.  But the night before I was supposed to do the run, I slept horribly (nightmares, tossing and turning, waking up every hour... the whole shebang) and so I woke up feeling awful.  Plus, it would have meant losing about two hours of David time.  I don't get that much David time, so I didn't want to lose it.

David time did include some running this week though - we did the 3.20 mile run together on our two year anniversary.  How cute is that?!  I'll give you a hint.  Super cute.

Pretty soon we'll be picking up another set of those buttons (but from Disneyland this time) and getting 2nd year written on there.  I can't believe it's been two years.  I am a lucky girl, kids.

David really was a gem on our anniversary... the day started with me going to work, which is not exactly a romantic beginning.  But he came with me and sat through an entire Weight Watchers meeting about vegetarian meals because he is an incredibly patient and tolerant guy.  Then of course I had to be stressed out and difficult for most of the day because, well, that's my specialty.  Luckily, I have a great boyfriend (sorry, excuse the gushing) who was willing to postpone relaxing and seeing a romantic movie with me so that we could go for a run in the heat and humidity.  Doesn't sound like a great anniversary, but it made me feel SO MUCH BETTER.  I actually started crying at the end of the run.  It was one of those runs.  I was just so damn proud and happy... we maintained an 8:45 pace for about two minutes on this run, and I just got so emotional about it because two years ago when I'd just started Weight Watchers and just started running, I never dreamed I could run that fast.  But I stopped blubbering eventually, and we got dressed up and went to the first place we had our very first date (and I drank a beer even though I hate beer because I was trying to impress him) - the Southern Sun.  Yes, it is a casual pub.  And yes, we dressed up.  If I was a real blogger, I would have thought ahead and brought my nice DSLR that is gathering dust.  But I didn't.  I brought my iPhone.  So I have gross quality photos to remember our special day.

Demon eyes.

My hair is blocking the "S" of "Southern," but you get the idea.

It was honestly one of the best nights I've had in a long time.  It was so fun to get all dressed up and fancy together, and we had such a great first date at the Southern Sun that it was wonderful to kind of relive it (minus the beer).  We ended up having dinner there and then going to the Cheesecake Factory to share a slice of cheesecake.  And it started raining while we were inside, so my chivalrous David went and got the car and picked me up in the rain.  He is the absolute best and I adore him.

The second run (yesterday's) was sans David, unfortunately, as he got back to California on Monday.  It was a pretty good easy run, with the exception of the weather.  I had set my alarm for 6 am, and when I woke up, it was already 70 degrees outside.  Not a good start.  It was also humid.  And it was the second day of school, so instead of running around a peaceful and deserted neighborhood, I was running around a neighborhood filled with kids rushing off to catch the bus.  Um... too many people seeing me in spandex.  Oy.

Other things worth mentioning from the past week include me getting a job offer from Nordstrom and then having it brutally ripped away.  Long story short, there must have been a serious breakdown in communication because I'm still reeling from this one.  I gave a couple great interviews (including one to the department manager) and then a few days later, I got a call from the department manager essentially offering me the job and going through the training schedule with me, how the commission in the department worked, all the details and nitty gritty.  The only problem was that she needed me to start on the 31st and I had already booked a trip back to Florida for this weekend to get some seasonal hours in, and wouldn't come back until the 1st.  But I wanted the job so I changed the flight.  Big mistake... over the course of the following four days after the job offer, it went from "the job is yours if you can work a closing shift on the 31st" to the department manager ignoring my calls and eventually to me calling 16 hours before I was supposed to start training because things still hadn't been solidified and hearing "oh... we decided to go with someone else."  Ouch.  The ego was bruised enough to consider boycotting Nordstrom for about 10 minutes before I remembered I love Nordstrom.  Damn.

And that's pretty much my life, or at least the exciting bits.  Now... TRIPLE TANGENT TWEDNESDAY!  With a surprise.  Get excited.

It's been a big week.

I can't believe I haven't updated in a week.  Again... I win Worst Blogger of the Year award.  And I meant to get my rear on my 'puter sooner so that I could do Triple Tangent Tuesday while I was still a coherent and functioning human.  But then this happened...

This is an addictive game.  So entertaining.  I had never heard of it before, but I am so glad I decided to go for it and just buy it.  If you are bored right now and have one or more people with you, go to Target. Buy this game.  Now.  Seriously.  I'm watching you.

Anywaaaaaaaay... the point is that I suck as a really-on-top-of-things blogger (I'm working on it, I swear!) and that if I tried to do a Triple Tangent Tuesday right now, it would be laughable, because all I really want to talk about is how my eyes feel like sandpaper and are begging for me to take my contacts out.  So I think I may officially move to Triple Tangent Twednesday because it seems like it works the best.  And I am planning on giving you all a GREAT BIG SURPRISE in tomorrow's TTT, so stay tuned, kids.

In the meantime, I shall give to you photo spam from the past week of my life.  Because it's about all I can handle before I rip my contacts out and drool on my pillow.  I'm a pretty girl.

Bonnie is a classy lady.

ANNIVERSARY DINNER!  More on this to come when I am awake.

I may drool on pillows and have sandpaper for eyes... but I must have something going for me to have landed this one.

Also, he wants you all to know he is winking.  You know, just in case you thought it was a tick or something.

The sticker blocks the full title: "A Pug's Life."  I laughed about it at the time, but clearly I need this book.

David: "Do you think they have to peddle their wares?"
Me: *laughing hysterically and probably snorting* (told you I was a pretty girl)


Triple Tangent Twednesday!

Yup.  It's happening.  Though I did manage to blog on Tuesday, it was from my couch and my iPhone... which I don't think totally counts.  And it definitely wasn't a Triple Tangent post, and I need my fix.

1.  Some of you may be under the impression that I take awful pictures just for the blog.  This is false.  In fact, I take awful pictures all the time.  I tend to ruin perfectly good pictures of other people being attractive by looking like an idiot.  See Exhibit A:

Or Exhibit B:

And in case someone wanted an attractive picture of me... Exhibit C, well before the blog:

And let's not forget my self-timer skills, as demonstrated by Exhibit D:

2.  I am SO HAPPY that it's getting to be fall because fall is my favorite.  I almost cried in Sephora when I saw that this was on the shelves...

To be fair, I really don't like candy corn at all... but this smells amazing and it tells me that fall is coming. And that means that Halloween is coming.  And that means an excuse to go to one of my favorite things and look like an idiot.  And judging from the first tangent today... I LOVE excuses to look like an idiot!

3.  Buuuuuut... part of me wants fall not to happen because fall comes and goes pretty fast and then nonsense like this happens.

Yesterday's run:
Half Marathon Training Week Eight, Day One (30 minute easy run)
2.62 miles/40:00

Yesterday's workout:
150 calories/19:16

I took Bonnie on yesterday's easy run... that was an adventure.  Bonnie is very cute and very sweet and very fuzzy, but she is not a very good running partner yet.  She struggled with pacing (read: she wanted to run 5 minute miles and I did not), she struggled with endurance (read: she wanted to stop and smell everything at least 4 times and I did not), and I think she struggled a little with proper fueling and hydration (read: she doesn't like Cytomax and believes newspapers and magazines are great fuel).

But despite being kind of a pain in the posterior, she slowed my pace down quite a bit... which really pissed me off while it was happening, but left me feeling refreshed at the end of the run instead of exhausted, and my hamstrings remained happy the whole time.  Score one for the puppy.

The HIIT workout was a little meh.  I'm struggling to get my heart rate up in the HIITs, which kind of defeats the purpose... for some reason, in the regular Fire workouts, I can easily get my heart rate up into the 170s, and keep the average around 155 or so, which is working pretty hard for me.  But for this workout, my average HR was 142 and my highest was 168.  I'm hoping this is just a phase and not a sign of the dreaded overtraining.  


Stay tuned for Triple Tangent Twednesday... because Tuesdays and I don't get along.

Blogging from my phone?!!!

Bonnie and I wanted to say hi.

Well... Maybe only I wanted to say hi and Bonnie wanted to lay on the floor and glare at me while I take pictures of her.

I can't judge though. I'm laying on the couch unable to gather the strength to get my laptop. Hence... Blogging from my phone. Seriously. As if I needed help getting lazier. Thanks BlogPress!

Seriously. Reddi-Whip. New power snack.

Today's workout:
Fire 45 EZ
435 calories/45:12

I was planning on practicing being suicidal and going to Power Training again today, but I woke up sore and tired around 8 am, and since class was at 9 am, that didn't give me much time to psych myself up.  So I skipped it and took the Bon Bon out for a walk with my mom instead.  She was happy because she got to jump in the creek that runs through town... I was happy because my muscles weren't on fire.  

Someone forgot to tell Bonnie that collies are not water dogs.

After that, I got my act together and was productive for a while.  I got my flipchart done for my meeting on Friday because I'm going to be busy this week... DAVID GETS HERE TOMORROW NIGHT FOR A SIX DAY VISIT!  I'm super excited to see him again.  It's been far too long since we saw each other (nearly two months now), PLUS he's getting here in time for our two year anniversary together.  We're planning on going to the same place we had our first date to celebrate :)

Speaking of firsts, this is the first picture taken of us together.  I was still wearing heavy eye makeup and fake eyelashes from a show I was doing... but we have no excuse for the faces.

I also squeezed in Fire 45 EZ today, which was super tough today.  It's one of my favorites of Turbo Fire, possibly even my favorite out of all the workouts, but it's definitely not "EZ," especially if you go into it sore.  I felt much better when it was over, though, and I know it was the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, I skipped stretching and beating myself with the Stick because my mom and I were racing  to go see The Help.  Which was fantastic, by the way.  I cried a lot, which really doesn't mean that much since I cry all the time, but it was just a well done movie.  Fantastic acting.  I was really impressed by the entire cast.  Highly recommended.  Especially if you can catch a matinee on Monday afternoon, because that was really half the fun... I'm pretty sure it was just book club mania.  There was one man that I saw in the entire theatre.  For the most part, each row was split into small groups of women all discussing it... again, book club mania.  But we all clapped at the end, which I love.

The only problem was that my mom and I kind of missed lunch, and by the end of the movie, all we wanted was fried chicken.  Damn Southern food for looking so good on a massive screen.  So my dad and I went on an adventure to get some of the highest rated fried chicken around town.  And I mean adventure... we drove about an hour to get it.  We are serious about food in my family.  Unfortunately, I don't eat fried chicken all that often, and I certainly don't often eat cornbread stuffing, potato salad, and Texas toast.  I mean, I wish I did, but I don't.  So my stomach has seen better days.  Or maybe it was my genius dessert idea...

Which immediately turned into this...

Which immediately went in my mouth.

Yeah.  No idea why my stomach isn't thrilled with me right now.  Maybe if I go to bed and wake up at the crack of dawn for an easy run, it will be happy.  That makes sense, right?