Triple Tangent Twednesday

1.  I'm sick.  Not horribly sick, when laying on the couch is exhausting and it hurts to blink... just sick enough to be annoying.  So today I felt like working out, but was tired and achy, so I skipped it and ate potato chips and French onion dip instead.  My Cinderella dress is going to fit like a glove.

Tangent within a tangent: I wanted a picture to go along with this theme, and I typed "can't fit into dress" into Google.  The first image that came up was a spray painted "WORRIED" attached to a post written by a bride about how one of her bridesmaids didn't fit in her dress.  The seventh image (2-6 weren't so exciting) was of maternity wedding dresses.  Welp.  At least that won't be the reason my dress doesn't close!

2.  Before I got the plague though, I got in some good speed work yesterday.  I set out to run my own little 5K, and instead of doing my usual 3-1 intervals of running and walking (run for 3 minutes, walk for 1), I did 2-1 intervals and went all out on my two minutes of running.  Can you guess what happened?  Those of you guessing that I woke up this morning with seriously angry legs are correct... but if you guessed that I got a new (if unofficial) 5K PR, you are also correct!!!  I ran 3.1 miles in 33:25, which is 22 seconds faster than my latest official PR.  It's still not super speedy, but what was nice about it is that I still felt pretty good afterwards.  I wasn't trying for any specific pace during the running intervals, but I felt comfortable maintaining a pace around 8:30 or 9:00.  I couldn't maintain it for much longer than 2 minutes at a time, but it felt great to see that pace on my Garmin!  I actually ran at a 7:10 pace for a while!  And with this run, not only did I prove that I am getting faster, but I also have now run over 300 miles in 2011.  How awesome is that?!!

3.  One of my friends on Pinterest posts these incredibly ugly drawings:

Has anyone else seen these?  Tell me that last picture isn't going to give you nightmares.  There I am on Pinterest, happily looking at everyone posting wedding planning pictures (I swear ten people I know just got engaged) and that terrifying face pops up.   Rude.  I'd remove him, but sometimes he posts things that are funny, such as:

And all is right again.

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