Speak da Troof Sunday: Being cold sucks.

I hate being cold.  You'd think as someone born and raised in Colorado that I'd love it, or at least be used to it by now.  This is false.  I blame my intolerance of winter here on my weight loss and becoming acclimated to Florida weather... but really, I've never been a big fan of cold.  I love snow, because it's beautiful, and I can look at it from the nice warm inside while cuddling under a fleece blanket.  And I like the smell of winter in Colorado.  But really, the only redeeming qualities of cold are that it gives me a fabulous excuse to wear too many layers, drink too much hot chocolate, and knit like a crazy person.

But my hatred of feeling cold means that I'm a good person to talk to if you want to avoid being cold.  Normally this means that I can tell you where to find the best awesome socks and legwarmers (which is here, for the record) but today I realized that I could put this power into running as well.  Now that I've done one winter run, after all, I am obviously an expert on winter running, and with that in mind, I am insisting that if you will also be running in icy weather this winter, you must get yourself a pair of these.  I took them out for the first time today, and once I got past the fact that they looked like they wouldn't fit my Barbie, it was love.

I know, you are probably looking at the price right now and weeping openly.  That is what I did when I looked at it too (right before I said screw it and bought them anyway, clearly).  But rest assured - these things are incredible.  Not only did my legs feel awesome, which is why I have pledged my eternal love to CW-X, but I never felt uncomfortably chilly.  I can't say that I never felt chilly at all... it was 24 degrees.  That's a far cry from "chilly" or "brisk" - that's "IT'S FREAKING COLD OUT HERE," kids. But the windproof panels on these tights made such a difference.  And I was worried about the ankle cuffs moving and exposing my poor little freezing cold ankles... didn't happen.  Seriously.  These tights and I are meant to be.

I also highly recommend this top for this winter nonsense.

I have worn it many times in colder temps and loved it.  I have an older version of it (from maybe two years ago?), so I'm not sure it's exactly the same, but if it is, it's perfect.  The sleeves are long enough to pull over most of your hands, not that I've forgotten gloves and been forced to do that out of fear of frostbite or anything.  I did have to put another layer over it today, but I really love that top.  It's all fuzzy and soft inside, too, so you can pretend that you're still in bed.  If you have a very vivid imagination.

And clearly no winter running list would be complete with an ode to my new obsession... Lululemon.  How I love thee.  You want to take all my money and I have no problem letting you.  On my last splurge, I picked up the Brisk Run Gloves and the Brisk Run Earwarmer, which seems to have disappeared from the website, but has fabulous little reflective spots on the top that look like snow. 

LOVE THEM BOTH.  I know I'm probably super behind on the whole touch screen compatible gloves thing, but it was really nice to be able to mess with my phone without taking my gloves off.  They're not the warmest gloves in the entire world... they're actually really thin, but I can't stand gloves, so they were enough of a layer that I felt like I was doing the right thing for my skin, while not wanting to rip them off.  Though I did run past a girl with huge fuzzy mittens and get very jealous...

What are your running gear staples?
Besides Cytomax (which lately my stomach has been rejecting in new and exciting ways), the beloved Garmin, and my iPod shuffle, the CW-X tights are quickly becoming a staple.  Oh, and this, but since I'm a proud member of the Itty Bitty Committee, I am not exactly the best resource for sports bra reviews.  Scotch tape could hold my girls down.  Thank goodness.


  1. Ha, your post was cute today! I too, love those tights!! Great review..I am living in Jacksonville FL now and it was 75 yesterday! But, I am from PA and HATE the cold..I should be used to it too but after living in TX for a few summers 60 degrees feels cold to me ha!

  2. I am from Colorado too and I still hate the cold. I would NOT have run outside this weekend! I am much too big of a weenie and scared to death of slipping on some ice and twisting my ankle or something. I did three 5K treadmill runs this week + two body pump classes and a day of cross-training. I can't wait until outdoor running season starts back up (for me) but will bide my time on the treadmill until then.

  3. Yay for winter running! It's all about dressing right. I need to do a post on my blog about it as well. I have long been drooling over those tights. I'm glad you get to enjoy them!

  4. LOVE CW-X! They are by far the best tights out there.
    Haha...yeah, scotch tape would work for me, too. :)