... and I might be slightly excited about it.

I'm sorry, did I say excited?  Clearly I meant demonic.

Yesterday's run:
3.1 miles/33:47

That, my friends, is my OFFICIAL CHIP TIME from the race!  My Garmin said that I went 3.18 miles in 33:45 (and yes, I remember to stop it unlike the last time I got a PR), so obviously I like my Garmin more than I like the official time.  That being said, I'm thrilled that I got an official time, because I never actually got my time for the Turkey Trot that I did.  It was a pretty unorganized race, and somehow I slipped through the cracks.  But I don't care now, because THIS TIME WAS FASTER BY A GOOD TEN SECONDS!  

I believe that fantastic news calls for a snapshot victory dance! 

Just assume that I'm going back and forth between the two poses rapidly and you've got the whole dance.  Impressed?  I know.  I've got mad skillz, yo.

I really enjoyed the race  - I've done it once before and thought it was a hoot, and this year did not disappoint.  I love it because it benefits a great cause, it is well organized, and let's face it, it's just good, clean fun!  You have to get a kick out of a race that includes bells in your race packet.  I will write a better review/recap of the race tomorrow when I'm not super sleepy, but I thought I'd spread the good cheer before I passed out :)

Today I took a rest day - two days of running in a row plus inadequate stretching (oops) led to a very sore pair of legs for me today.  But I'll be back at it tomorrow!  I'm sticking with the FIRST training plan because I actually kind of like the increased mileage on the tempo runs (who am I?!), but I have decided that the speedwork that is outlined in the plan simply isn't for me.  I'll explain more later, but having done the prescribed speedwork for two weeks and being absolutely miserable before, during, and after each run... I've realized how dumb that is.  After all, it's not like one day of speedwork each week is going to take me from running 11-minute miles to running 6-minute miles.  I'm not going to become an ultramarathoner.  I'm not going to win a bunch of races.  I started running primarily as a fun activity, an outlet for stress, and a way to burn off some of the absurd calories I love to take in every day.  So if I'm absolutely dreading running, isn't there a problem?  Regardless, I like the idea of speedwork, but I don't like their speedwork, so I'm going to play around with it a little.  I believe I'm going to try my first fartlek run tomorrow!  I much prefer "speedplay" to "speedwork" anyway.  And I want an excuse to say the word fartlek regularly.  Who doesn't?!

Did you run this weekend?  How awesome did you do?!


  1. great job! What a good feeling :)

    Great blog. Happy Monday!!

  2. Great job!

    I also used to hate speedwork but realized that I mostly just hated sprint intervals. I actually like doing fartleks, repeats and hills. For my one speedwork run a week, I try to do something different so that I don't get bored or always dread that workout. And it does make a difference! Last year, I was consistently running around a 12:30 pace and this year, I'm running a 11:15 pace. Even though I'm still no Boston runner, I'm faster and that counts for a lot in my book!

  3. You go girl! I have been super lazy on the running front. Need to get my sweat on at some stage this week! x

  4. Congrats girl!! That is super exciting...I did speed work yesterday and I am paying for it today...That hip flexor/piriformis is pretty mad at me right now =/