15 Thing Friday

1.  In my continuing effort to eat really healthfully all week, I had a large spaghetti and meatballs from Noodles and Company for dinner.  And I almost slugged the girl who told me that they were out of ciabatta rolls.

2.  But I did get out for a run today, so obviously the carboloaded dinner was appropriate.  Disregard the fact that I would have needed to run 20 miles in order to burn off the calories I consumed.

3.  I didn't do a big Christmas haul post because I'm lazy and would rather play with all my fun new toys than take pictures of them.  But one of my goodies was a Kindle, and at first I thought I wouldn't like it, but I am madly in love.  I think I've read more in the past 4 days than I have all year.

4.  Little known fact about me:  I like silly romance novels.  Perhaps not exactly what my dad intended to have me reading when he gave me a Kindle, but I just finished the book Call Me Mrs. Miracle, and it was so cute I could barely stand myself.  I know I really ought to read something deep and thought provoking now, but I will probably just download another Debbie Macomber book and read it instead.  I graduated from college, that's plenty of intellectual reading for me.

5.  I have already made the decision to run the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2012.  It's about damn time I run a Disney race.  I would also really love to do the Tower of Terror 10-Miler, despite the fact that I really don't like the Tower of Terror.

6.  I am still a sniffly, congested mess.  I know you were just dying to know.

7.  The theme for this chunk of half marathon training seems to be "one mile short."  I had a 10 mile long run scheduled two weeks ago, and I ran 9 miles.  I had a 6 mile long run scheduled last week, and I ran 5 miles.  Today was supposed to be a 4 mile tempo run, but because I am still only barely breathing out of one nostril and wanted to live to see tomorrow, I did 3 miles.  I need to step up my game.

8.  Speaking of stepping up my game... Cinderella opens in three weeks, and if this morning's weigh-in was correct, I have lost no pounds.  I believe this is false, however.  This week is that glorious time in each month when I gain 10 pounds by looking at something.  Ladies, you understand.

9.  I've probably watched this ten times and I still think it's funny.  Why?  I don't even know.

10.  It doesn't even come close to the YouTube sensation near and dear to my heart, though.

11.  The nostril I could breath out of when I started this post is now no longer an option.  It is a good thing that I am used to being an obnoxious mouth breather, because this is getting out of hand.

12.  Another little known fact about me:  I love armwarmers.  I knit armwarmers and enjoy knitting them, but sometimes I'm lazy and just wish they would appear magically.  Then I found these.  A good portion of the colors are out of stock right now, but I will buy those in every single color so help me God.  Then everyone will laugh at me because everything I own will have thumbholes.  And all will be right with the world.

13.  Now my temples are throbbing.  It's like my face is just completely against me.  Maybe it's trying to tell me something?

14.  There are still pig cookies in my kitchen.  I still haven't eaten one.  I may cave tonight.

15.  May cave?  Please.  You all know I'm hitting "publish post" and getting a cookie.  Peace.


  1. OMG you crack me up :) and pig cookie looks like a turd! #justsayin
    Happy New Year bird xx

  2. Seriously the Kindle. Best invention EVER! Feel better! And don't stress too much about cutting down by a mile.