Winter running is glorious.

Today's run:
Week One, Day Three of the FIRST Half Marathon Plan
7.0 miles/1:30:30

This run was glorious.  I will admit that I struggled to get out the door... I was stalling like crazy.  I found new songs to put on my iPod.  I debated my jacket choices for quite a while.  I decided I needed to hydrate more and sat on my couch slowly drinking water.  I'm not going to lie, it probably wasn't pretty.  

But level with me here.  When I got up this morning, it was 16 degrees outside.  I personally do not think that is appropriate.  So I waited until noonish to run, and guess how many degrees it was outside?  Um... 24.  STILL NOT APPROPRIATE.

But once I actually got myself out there and moving, I was forced to face that fact that once again, I have become the person that I used to judge.  Running on vacation, exercising when I don't feel great... and now, I like running through snow.  I disgust myself just a little.

I struggled a little bit with pacing, but overall, I was very happy with this run.  I haven't done anything longer than 3 or 4 miles since the half marathon (TWO MONTHS AGO) so I was a little worried about making the jump to 6, but I was completely fine.  A little pain in my right knee near the end, but I think it was more a cold and tired thing than an actual injury, especially since it feels completely fine now.  You know what does not feel fine, though?  My gluteus.  It is a wee bit sore.  And by "a wee bit sore," I mean that when I was walking around the grocery store well after the run, my left cheek tightened up so much that I believe I looked like a pirate with a peg leg.  Aren't you glad I felt the need to tell you that?

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  1. Just wandering how the glute feels today? (haha, I guess that sounds a bit perverted/creepy) I just ask because I had a piriformis injury last year and it was MISERABLE...Make sure to stretch really really good if it still feels tight or becomes common during training...It's seriously a pain in the ass and it side-lined me for 8 friggin months!!