15 Thing Friday!

1.  Remember how I just talked about Cinderella Boot Camp and how I was going to work on really stepping up my cross training every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?  Yeeeeeah.  Today's workout was indefinitely postponed due to the fact that shopping for a ball gown for Cinderella and eating cookies on my best friend's couch sounded more fun.

2.  But chasing Bonnie around the living room spastically totally counts as a HIIT workout, right?  All in favor say "ay."  

I'm raising my hand so... yes.  It's unanimous.

3.  On the bright side, the workout was not skipped in vain - I believe I found my gown!  It was a serious steal, so even if my director hates it, I'm don't care, because it's probably one of the best bargains I've ever snatched up.  I'd show you a picture, but I don't want anyone to see it (especially you, David... I see you).  If we didn't have to do dress rehearsals, I wouldn't even show the cast.  I just want to surprise everyone on opening night.  Don't I sound like a diva?!

4.  I'm still searching for my glass slippers... the artistic director of the company recommended these shoes to me, and I was impressed by the reviews.  One review was actually from someone who used them for a production of Cinderella and said that they were very comfortable and easy to dance in.  But I hate them.  There is something about clear shoes that irks me, possibly because I know my feet will look awkward and uncomfortable in them.  And I can't get past what another reviewer said: "They steam/fog up if your toes get warm at all."  Um.  Steamy toes?  That will be super pretty.  And I'm sure the boys will love dragging that shoe around after a couple weeks of my foot being smashed into it.  Vile.

5.  In non-diva news, I have been listening to a radio station lately that does non-stop holiday music throughout December.  I'm one of those people, I know.  But I have actually heard some music I'd never heard before, which is rare with Christmas music - it's kind of the same stuff over and over.  This is my new favorite, despite it sounding a wee bit dated.  Ignore the video, it is odd.

6.  I made aforementioned friend (the one with cookies and a much better metabolism than me) listen to that tonight.  I thought he would punch me.  Did I mention he's an atheist?

7.  The non-stop holiday radio station has also informed me (accidentally, I don't think they meant to be rude) that I am the last person in the world to learn about Mannheim Steamroller.  You know what I love?  Mannheim Steamroller!  But I can't talk to anyone about it because apparently everyone else has loved Mannheim Steamroller since the 1980s.

8.  I cannot get over how bad this movie looks and how sad I am that I think it looks bad because I desperately want to like it.  I'm sorry, America, but we lose this battle.  Love Actually was awesome, and we need to stop trying to replicate it, because we fail.

9.  Meanwhile, is Mirror Mirror out yet?!  Please?  How about now?  Or... now?  I just want to watch Julia Roberts be catty and mean so badly!

10.  As excited as I am to see Mirror Mirror, I kind of shudder every time I see a preview or advertisement for Snow White and the Huntsman.  I'm sorry for those of you who are big Kristin Stewart fans, but she is no Snow White.  Snow White is supposed to be gorgeous and sweet... Kristin Stewart is strange looking and whiny.  And good heavens, you're putting the girl next to Charlize Theron?  That mirror is drunk if it says that Kristin Stewart is the fairest in that coupling.

Hi, I'm too busy whining to be bothered with acting.

Hi, I'm too busy seducing you to be bothered with whining.

11.  But apparently Snow White and the Huntsman is being planned as a trilogy.  Hollywood, you forgot to take your meds.

12.  Which reminds me of a glorious sign my mom told me about:

13.  In an effort to remember to take my own meds (and by meds I mean my multivitamin and a calcium pill because really, I am that boring), I downloaded an app that I could program to send me a reminder at a specific time of the day to take whatever I needed to take.  I've had it for two days and so far I've just ignored the reminder and kept going on about my day.  This whole habit forming thing is a struggle for me.  Unless it comes to terrible food choices and blowing off workouts, in which case I rock at it.

14.  I'm also trying to floss more.  I told myself that if I flossed every day for a week, I would get a prize, because normally bribery works really well for me.  Today would be day four, and the idea of putting that floss in my mouth makes me want to weep openly.  I know, I live a super hard life.

15.  Of course, there are people who actually do live hard lives... and no, I'm not referring to David who has to deal with my diva problems.  So here's a shout-out to Anna, who is raising money for St. Jude by running the Country Music Marathon next April.  Personally, St. Jude is an organization that I believe to very worthwhile - donating to or volunteering for any charity is great, but I have a particular soft spot for children and animals, so anything that benefits them really touches me.  If you also have a soft spot for helping kids, then head over to Anna's fundraising page to learn more about donating.  I will definitely be donating, and she actually has me thinking about doing some fundraising myself for the Ralston Creek Half Marathon.  What a great thing to be thinking of this time of year!


  1. Love the sign, because Rick Perry is nucking futts!!
    I want to see Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman. I don't think Kristen Stewart is beautiful (and especially not more beautiful than Charlize Theron) but I like the idea of the story. And I agree that Love Actually is amazing, one of my all time favorites!! Still want to see New Year's Eve though...

  2. I love Mannheim Steamroller - glad that you were enlightened! ;)

    I haven't heard of those movies (except for New Year's Eve, which I also agree looks crappy) which just shows how cool I am.