Remember that time I said I was going to blog every day?

Waaaaaaay back in April I declared that I would be blogging every day.  I believe I said I was back and here to stay.  I'm sure if anyone is still reading this blog, then the fact that I haven't blogged since May is probably rather amusing.

I am not going to make any sweeping declarations today... chances are there will be days that I do not blog because unlike successful bloggers, I somehow always forgot to update this thing.  I wish I had a good excuse like "I'm too busy," but let's be honest here - I usually work 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and the rest of the time I either hang out with my boyfriend and the cat or play on Pinterest while watching Frasier.  You guys know this.  

However, this blog has been getting attention from others and no attention from me.  It's a bad sign when people are e-mailing you about your blog and you haven't even looked at it yourself in a couple months.  So here I am to give a bit more attention to it.  Please forgive me in advance if I fail a little bit.  I am going to try to update every day, but again... no sweeping declarations.  It is embarrassing.

So for today's update out of nowhere, let's recap my run yesterday.  I ran 11.5 miles.  It was absurdly hot, I was ridiculously slow, and my iPod shuffle decided that all I wanted to listen to was Daft Punk.  That thing is packed with music and aside from a few samplings from other artists and genres, the bulk of my run was the two Daft Punk albums I have.  That was interesting.

This morning I got up early because I wanted to restart Focus T25.  Let me back up just a bit to say I really like Focus T25.  I am not a Beachbody coach, so I will not steer you in one direction or another with Beachbody programs - I'll be honest.  I hated Insanity.  It made my lower back hurt so much after three days that I couldn't continue.  So maybe that's not fair, maybe I would have loved Insanity if I could have physically done it.  But something like that should be hard on the muscles you're trying to work, not hard on your poor little back.  So I was reluctant about Focus T25.  But this is a totally different workout and I really like it.  For one thing, I like that it is only 25 minutes.  As you learned earlier, my Pinterest and Frasier schedule really takes up a lot of time.  But in all seriousness, devoting an hour to exercise on work days is kind of exhausting, especially when your work day consists of putting on pantyhose and a variety of wools and taking people on a five hour tour through the Magic Kingdom in 95 degree heat.  When I am done with a tour, the last thing I want to do is exercise.  And if I want to exercise before the tour, I am getting up before dawn even has a chance to crack.  So the 25 minutes is great for me.  I feel like I can deal with 25 minutes even when I'm exhausted.  I also just like the workouts.  And Shaun T has a modifier for this one!  It's really great to have an option when you don't feel up to jumping around.

But I digress.  I planned on restarting Focus T25 this morning.  I missed a couple workouts over my first two weeks and wasn't thrilled with that, so I thought I'd just hit the reset button.  I got up early to get T25 Cardio done before work.  When my alarm went off, I was ready to show Shaun T what I was made of.  And then I got out of bed and remembered that I had run 11.5 miles the day before and it hurt to move my hip flexors.  So... just kidding on the T25!