15 Thing Friday!

1.  I'm writing this in bed with my Bed Buddy at my feet.  I'm in bed with a heating pad.  I'm 90 years old.

2.  My neighbor's dog is outside barking.  At 11:15 pm.  And my first instinct was, "Those neighbors, waking everyone up at all hours of the night."  SERIOUSLY.  NINETY YEARS OLD.

3.  I dragged my 90 year old self on a tempo run today.  It was my first real winter run!  And now I have to admit that I'm one of those sick people who actually enjoys running in the cold and snow.  Between this and the realization that I like being able to exercise on vacation, I'm starting to worry about myself.  Who am I?

4.  I can't get too worried, though... I just devoured two huge slices of cornbread slathered in butter.

5.  I've spent about an hour watching animal videos on YouTube... not only am I ninety years old, but I also have no life.  I thought I found one that would be worth posting.  It had such potential!  It featured a bulldog!  Dancing!  Then I heard about five seconds of it and read the top comment: "shut the fuck up and de-worm the thing."  Needless to say... it will not be shared.

6.  The tempo run scheduled on the plan was 3 miles.  Including warm up and cool down (walking, not jogging like the plan recommends, because I want to finish my runs and still have a will to live), I went 3.81 miles in 48:30.  I finished the first mile in 13:03, the second mile in 11:05, and the third mile in 12:02.  Apparently I am crying out in desperation for help with pacing... any ideas?

7.  This girl just posted that there are a bunch of cowboys running around Vegas.  Cue me kicking myself for not training for the half on Sunday.  Seriously, that's my kind of motivation.  I'd train a lot harder if I knew there would be cowboys.

This is the fourth picture that comes up in Google if you search "sexy cowboys."  I kid you not.

8.  I have Cinderella rehearsal in just about 10 hours.  I've decided that I should set my alarm early enough to have time to shower and wash my hair.  To normal people this is just getting ready.  I feel I deserve an award for being kind enough to the cast and crew of the show to cleanse myself.  

9.  Half of my Christmas list will be from Lululemon, and the other half will be from here.  In love.

10.  I actually have social engagements planned and set up for the near future.  I won't be sitting around alone watching Disney movies.  

11.  This isn't funny, and I try to be funny... but the other day, a girl I went to school with wrote on my Facebook wall saying that she had just started running, was training for a 5K, and had just read in a magazine about how compression socks can help people run faster and longer.  She said she thought she'd ask me about it because I seemed like a good person to ask.  It was one of those moments where I realized how incredibly far I've come.  Three years ago, no one would have been asking me about anything even remotely related to fitness, and now I'm the kind of person you can talk to about running and compression socks.  I know I'm not winning marathons or even winning 5Ks anytime soon, but I 
really am proud of my weight loss and fitness accomplishments.

12.  On the other hand, I wrote her a dissertation about compression garments and she hasn't said anything back.  So... maybe I wasn't actually a good person to ask...

13.  If numbers one and two were not enough to convince you that I am an old person, here's another try: I cried a little this morning because I realized that I'd missed the chance to buy a Groupon I was really excited about.  It was for a crochet class.  And I legitimately cried.  So I'm old and hormonal.  What a fun mix!

14.  I bet after reading this, David will be super excited to visit me in three days!

15.  That is all.  Bedtime!