15 Thing Friday!

1.  This morning I got up at 6 am to do my first Turbo Fire workout in a few days because Florida's humidity is not conducive to me working harder.  And I actually got through the longest workout, Fire 55 EZ, on an empty stomach, all before 7:30 am.  And then I was ridiculously and obnoxiously proud of myself for a while.

2.  I am officially in love with Wanelo.  If you haven't seen this website yet and you also have a serious online shopping habit like myself, you should probably just stop reading this entry and go there right now.  Nothing I can say is possibly as important as you finding things like this camera lens mug or this incredibly cool engagement ring (sorry, David, I swear I'm not nagging you).

3.  For some reason, there are Mexican pig cookies in my house.  This is one of the love/hate aspects of living with other people for me - they bring delicious things into the kitchen that I would not buy because I want to fit in my pants.  Which is all fun and games except that right now I don't fit in my damn pants and I really love those damn cookies.

4.  I ate a big salad for lunch today - it was the first vegetable I had eaten in at least one day, possibly more.  Like my getting up at 6 am to exercise, I was pretty proud.

5.  I got a new "Leader Coach" assigned to me for Weight Watchers (and now I'm going to complain about it, so again I say, please let no one from my work find this blog).  Don't get me wrong... I understand the point of continued "coaching" as they like to call it.  I get that my job is to help people and that I need to be on the top of my game.  But for heaven's sake.  Ya'll spent a month training me to be a Receptionist, another month training me to be a Leader, you flew me to Minnesota for a three day intensive on being a Leader, I've done countless webinars and online trainings... I'm pretty sure I'm good to go.  And while I'm sure that my Leader Coach is lovely and wonderful, I really don't like having people watch me do my work.  It makes me feel uncomfortable.  I do not need to be babysat.  Perhaps, instead of babysitting the new people that you just spent tons of time training and everything is fresh, you should send some coaches to the leaders who have been doing this forever.  Because I've seen some of them, and I've heard the things that they say, and they're awful.  Fix that first so I can be less bitter and hateful towards you.

6.  Speaking of work and the joy it often fills me with (really, I love my job most of the time)... I had a member I had never seen before go off on me today about how Weight Watchers is "gaming" the members.  She made it sound like a huge conspiracy.  Because, you know, Weight Watchers is definitely what is evil in the world.  She started in and how it was so awful to do away with the calorie aspect, and when I tried to explain to her that we are, in fact, still working with calories but in a much more advanced way, she shook her hands at me, interrupted, and started in on how it was all a big lie.  Well, okay, darlin'... have it your way.  I really support Weight Watchers and I love that I can help people lose weight, but I'm going to be brutally honest here - if you're going to resist every step of the way, have no faith in the program, and not put in the effort, I could kind of care less what happens to you.  As this woman was walking away from me shaking her head, I suggested she stay for the meeting, see if she liked it, and maybe try meeting some new leaders (she had some trouble with other leaders, shockingly)... she kept walking and left.  Um.  Okay.  If Weight Watchers is so evil, why show up in the first place?  And if you do show up, why turn around and leave?  I hate that.  The meeting is a half hour long.  You can devote a half hour to getting healthier.  Trust me.

7.  People have been asking me if I have plans for Labor Day.  I'm learning that sitting around my house in sweatpants doesn't count as an answer.  I'm going to have to start lying.

8.  My first 8 mile run is coming up on Sunday and I'm already dreading it a little bit.  There's a 10K on Labor Day that I actually considered signing up for just because it would mean not doing the 8 mile run. Plus, I wouldn't have to lie about having plans.  But the 8 mile run is free, so I'm leaning towards that.  I'm hoping it goes as well as last week's long run, and is not just a massive mental battle to get through.

9.  I was cold tonight when I was outside and it was probably the greatest thing ever.  I know some people aren't ready for fall to be shoved in their faces, and I'm definitely not ready to deal with Halloween candy being everywhere because good Lord, I love Halloween candy and can easily justify eating a ton of tiny pieces of food that's terrible for me.  But it was refreshing to be cold outside, especially having just come back from Orlando.  Otherwise known as hell.

10.  It occurred to me today after work when I thought "I can go home and nap" that I really need to get going on the whole getting-rid-of-all-my-stuff process.  See, when I came home from college during the summers, I kind of just brought everything home, dumped it, and sat on the couch for several months, then packed some of it back up and took it back to school.  So I've got the remnants of a couple different apartments sprawled over a few different rooms of the house.  And since I got back in January, and it is now September, I might want to actually work on that.  Especially since I'm theoretically moving to California next year and don't really want to have to take a semi full of my crap.

11.  Along with needing to lose about half of what I own, I really need to buckle down and lose about 15 pounds.  This is getting out of control.  I make some progress, and then I blow it, and then I make more progress, and blow it again.  I've only got about a month left of Turbo Fire, and I'm relatively sure I've gained 5 pounds.  Not really TF's fault since I've been skipping workouts left and right.  As usual with me, though, it's not the exercise.  It's the fact that I went to Florida and ate 8000 calories a day.  I told myself I'd make a green monster for breakfast and eat mostly fruits and vegetables today.  That promise lasted until I was actually hungry, then suddenly I'd wolfed down eggs and toast.  Weird.

12.  I realized today that I will be taking at least two flights every month for way too many months in a row.  I'm flying to California this month to visit David, and to see my sister, so that's at least 4 flights most likely.  In October and November, I'm flying back to Orlando, and I might also fly back to see David again in November, so... that sucks.  I'm not one of those "I want to travel" types of people.  I want to sit in my house.  I don't like flying.  So I got all whiny today about having a long distance relationship.  I love David, and I don't want to not be with him, but some days it seriously sucks.  In the end, though, I know it's worth it.

13.  Since we're discussing things I whined about today... I got a rejection voicemail about the holiday show I auditioned for.  And it was a terrible mixture of incredibly nice and absolutely heartbreaking.  The man was very nice and told me that my audition had been "tremendous," that they were so impressed with me, that they want to see me audition for them again.  He even told me they'd considered changing the show and expanding the cast to put me in it.  But then he said "you were so close."  Ugh.  If that isn't something that I'll replay in my mind when I'm feeling self deprecating, I don't know what is.

14.  I just realized that this is probably the most bitter and sarcastic entry I've posted to date.  Forgive me.  It's late and apparently I'm still grumpy.

15.  Amen.

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