EZ my hiney.

Today's Turbo Fire workout:
Fire 55 EZ

This really is shaping up to be my least favorite workout in the whole Turbo Fire system.  It's just SO DARN LONG.  I got used to working out for an hour or more 6 days a week with P90X, but with the resistance workouts in P90X (and most of them are resistance workouts), there is a good amount of downtime.  Not true in Turbo Fire - in that hour, you're pretty much busting it every minute.  And by the end, I kind of wonder if I'm really getting anything out of it or just banging my head against a wall.  But I got through it and I'm glad - nearly 600 calories torched.  Yeehaw!

So today was my official start of the 5 Day Inferno Plan, and my official realization of "Hey, following this nutrition plan might prove to be somewhat suicidal."  I followed it almost exactly for the first two meals - I say "almost" because I don't believe you can call a breakfast sandwich a breakfast sandwich if there ain't no cheese on it.  But somehow I don't think my Weight Watchers cheese slice will kill me.  I do have a few problems with the nutrition plan, though - it's a 1,200 calories-a-day plan, which sounds like plenty except that I burned 582 calories with my workout today.  Considering my breakfast was only about 400 calories, I was completely running on fumes by the end of the workout, so no wonder I felt wiped out... plus, I almost passed out tonight at rehearsal for Godspell, which I believe was a desperate cry for calories from my body.  So I gave it cookie dough.

The other problem is that each day includes a Shakeology shake, something I do not own and kind of waver on.  I have thought seriously about buying Shakeology, because I love smoothies, and I like things that make it easier for me to be healthy so that I don't have to think about it.  I suck at thinking.  But good ol' Beachbody ain't free.  A bag of Shakeology costs $120, and has about 30 servings in it, so each shake is about $4.  Sure, it's cheaper than a meal out and comparable to my beloved Starbucks soy Chai, but I guess I'm not convinced enough of its miraculous abilities to really be willing to cough up that amount of money.  Maybe when I'm rich and famous I'll be to Shakeology what Madonna was to Kabbalah.

I still didn't take my before pictures today... oops.  I wanted to have my mom take them because I fail at using the self timer, but she's the only person I'm willing to pose for wearing a bikini.  My poor mom.  Our schedules didn't line up though, so no pictures.  I think it will work out all right in the end - I have a feeling I'll be as pale tomorrow as I am today.

Since I have no glamorous photos of myself to round out the awkwardness of this post, I will instead show you the woman that keeps me going in the Turbo Fire workouts.  Well, besides Chalene, who is adorably positive and bubbly.  She tells me over and over again that I'm not tired... I am working on listening.  But this is her friend and fitness buddy Monica...

How absurdly cute is this girl?!

And yes, these are pictures of my TV.  I am a creeper.

Please notice that Monica is super fit - look at her arms in that top picture!  I wish I could have snapped a picture of her abs though, because they are ridiculous.  And they are especially ridiculous because Monica has had triplets.  Um.  Her stomach is flatter and sexier than mine and I haven't had any of them there chillen.  

So when I turn into a wuss in the middle of a workout, I look at her.

Okay... I can't leave you without at least a few shots of my beautiful face.  Mostly because I showered today and want to show off my clean hair before I get it all sweaty tomorrow.  And probably leave it that way until Sunday.  Erm.


Waving... goodnight, lovelies!

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