Triple Tangent Twednesday!

I'm a space cadet - this is common knowledge, but sometimes it bears repeating.  Like when I realized today that I've had my official photos from the Denver Rock 'n Roll Half for a couple weeks now and still haven't posted them.  I did make one of them my new profile picture almost immediately, but then forgot about the rest of them.  So I thought I'd incorporate them into a couple tangents, because they are probably some of the most exciting pictures in my iPhoto right now.  Unless you count the picture of David posing in a pair of my sweatpants... but I'm relatively sure he'd kill me if I posted that.

1.  I'm very glad that photographers were there to capture two incredibly awkward moments of my race (one of which I was well aware of, the other I didn't realize was kind of awkward until I saw the picture).

Awkward Moment #1:
I want to say this was around mile 3 or so - it was REALLY cold at the start of the race, so I was wearing several layers.  Foolishly, I made the choice to keep my armwarmers on under my jacket to start the race.  Of course it started warming up, and I started heating up from running, and I knew I had to get the dumb things off.  The first one came off pretty easily, but this photographic gem was taken while I was struggling to get the second one off.  Do you love the facial expression?  I personally really enjoy my eyebrows.  The armwarmer ended up being about a two minute adventure, and I finally had to get over to the side and really focus to get it off.  There were some harsh words involved, let's put it that way.

Awkward Moment #2:
Had no idea that this guy was right behind me.  I am so glad that I was there to absolutely ruin his picture.  This was right before the end, too, so I'm sure he was thrilled.

2.  These three pictures might be my favorites, because they show my finish line progression.  Come along, kids!  Let's go on a journey to follow the red arrow!

Just crossed the finish line!  Arms up in the air!  She is triumphant!  She is proud!  She is on top of the world!

Arms down... head thrown back... she slowly makes the realization that she's been running for nearly three hours.  Her legs hate her.  Let's face it, her whole body hates her.

And there it is - the moment we were all waiting for.  She curls into herself, trying to decide if she wants to throw up or cry.  Or both.  Running is a pretty pastime, isn't it?

3.  Now here's the real tangent... totally unrelated to races or running or anything.  There are more of those damn Mexican pig cookies in my house (which, by the way, I've learned are called marranitos, in case you're ever caught in some strange bakery trivia game).  These cookies and I have fought before.

Dear cookie,

How the hell did you get into my hand?!

Love, Jessica

But aside from Monday, I've eaten very well this week.  I've tracked everything, I've done incredibly well at staying within my daily PointsPlus target... and I've been diligent about exercise on top of it all.  I've barely touched my weekly PointsPlus allowance, so I know I can have the cookie if I want it.  And I do want it.  But I want to look pretty in my Cinderella dress too!  Life is super hard.

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  1. Love the pics. I have yet to see race pics that actually catch people looking good!

    Cute pig cookies btw...are they a subliminal message?