Sometimes I hate the internet.

Hear me out.

The internet is awesome.  I can find recipes, running tips, great reviews for anything I darn well please, and with glorious things like Yelp, I can search for cupcakes near my exact location.  It's good.

But unfortunately, in all of that awesomeness, I also find article after article after article telling me that if I have a little cold, I am perfectly able to exercise.  I even found one article that said exercising with a cold can help you get better.  Well, shoot.  There go all my beautifully crafted excuses.

Replace "work" with "the gym" and you've got me.  Well... except that I don't even have to go to the gym because I exercise in my basement.  Okay, so I have no excuses.

So I worked out.  I was feeling more congested today, and was slightly concerned that cardio would make my head explode, so I went with strength training.  I did Tone 30 from Turbo Fire - I like Sculpt 30 much better, but I did it on Tuesday, and I am trying to keep some amount of variety in my workouts.  Given half a chance I'd probably do the same 3 workout DVDs over and over again until they gave out... I'm boring like that.  It went pretty well, but Tone 30 has this move designed to work your chest and anterior deltoid, and it generally leaves me a little sore.  By that I mean that halfway through the reps, I feel like my shoulder is on fire and I want to cry to my mommy.  I thought I was all fine and dandy until I was at work two hours later and sneezed.  I thought I was going to weep openly my chest hurt so much from that sneeze, and it continued to throb with every sneeze afterwards.

Where's your article on that, New York Times?!!

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  1. That doesn't sound like fun :( I say if you feel poorly then don't work out! (But then I have the fitness consistency of a not-very-consistent thing!)