The 8-miler that wasn't.

Today's run:
2nd Half Marathon Training Week Two, Day Three
2.77 miles/35:15

So... today was supposed to be an eight mile run.  I can't say I was super duper excited for it because I was feeling a little lazy this morning, but I was drinking my water and planning out my day and was about to strap on the Garmin and head out when the phone rang.  It was Disney Deployment (the smart people that decide who needs to be working where on any given day) calling to ask me why I wasn't at work, because I had a shift that started at 11:30.  At the Jungle Cruise.  In Orlando.


I'm not sure I've explained the whole seasonal Cast Member thing at Disney before, so bear with me - I am considered a seasonal Cast Member, which means that I work seasonally (obviously) and am not required to maintain full time or even part time hours.  Originally, the deal was that one could maintain their seasonal status by working 40 hours a year.  Good deal, right?  Well, apparently people were taking advantage of it, so Disney raised the stakes this year - now we are required to work 150 hours a year, and submit availability every two months for the next 6 month period.  Considering I barely know what I'm doing two days from now, this was a little bit of a shock to me... so much of a shock, apparently, that when we had to submit availability in October, I panicked and submitted something randomly in the month of December, knowing that I could call Deployment and change it if my plans changed.  Then I forgot about it.  And they scheduled me for two shifts in Orlando while I'm sitting at home in my sweatpants in Colorado.

Needless to say, it was a stressful morning of trying to get the whole thing straightened out.  I'm not the type of person who calls in to work, or is late to work, or messes up schedules at work.  I'm kind of a goody two shoes when it comes that.  So to be forced to call in for a shift, leaving my managers and co-workers hanging, and deal with all the aftermath took a toll on me.  There were tears.  

There was anger.

There was frustration.  

And you know what there wasn't?  
An eight mile run.

But I got out there and did a couple miles, which I strongly believe is better than nothing.  I am officially cutting myself some slack on this one, especially because I've been beating myself up about seriously screwing up with Disney all day.  I still can't believe I made that mistake, but I suppose it happens - we have all scheduled something or agreed to something that we forgot about and had it come back to haunt us.  So I made two scheduling errors today - one with Disney, one with running, and I'm letting go of both of them.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And tomorrow, I'm doing the Jingle Bell Run with my mom, going to sing my little heart out at Cinderella rehearsal, and having dinner with an old friend.  Tomorrow will be a good day.

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  1. So sorry! Yes, everyone does have days like that, but that doesn't make it any easier when they happen. Hoping your day yesterday was MUCH better.