Playing catch up.

Sunday's run:
Couch to 5K Week Three, Day Three
2.09 miles/29:45


Monday's workout:
Turbo Fire Day One: Fire 30 and Stretch 10

Whew!  Today might be a day of two whole blog posts - slacking on the updating front!  Get ready, kids.

Sunday's run was awesome, and I was really grateful, especially because I almost didn't go.  The weather was a little rough (it was about 45 degrees and cloudy when I went out) and I was feeling kind of terrible.  I've always done pretty well sweating out sickness, negative feelings, double cheeseburgers... but I've been worried because the wisdom teeth thing was new to me.  Of course, this is the girl that exercised through swine flu.  When David and I both came down with good ol' H1N1 just a few weeks into dating, D-Money used his head, stayed inside and rested...

... while I went to my 75 minute African dance class.  This is probably not something to brag about... oops.

Anyway, despite the cold on Sunday, I bundled up and went out.  I was pretty darn proud of myself.  I'd talked to one of my best friends in the whole world earlier that day, and I'd told her that I'd started training again, and she said she was proud of me - that became my mantra for this run.  So if you're reading this, Joan - I love you, thanks for getting me through my run!  

I also just kept thinking how lucky I was, and how awesome everything about the run was.  No kidding, I was Little Mary Sunshine - I thought about how grateful I was that someone had engineered shoes that helped fix my over-pronation, how grateful I was that someone had created the Garmin so that I could see my pacing splits, how grateful I was to live in a neighborhood where I could run and feel safe and protected.  I can stop rambling on about it now... it was just a fabulous run.

It was also the first time I took my new Asics out for a spin - I was curious about how it would feel because even though Asics shoes typically get great reviews, I have sworn by my Mizunos since I had my gait analyzed back in 2009.  I really liked the Asics though... they were very cushy and comfy.

Ignore the face and the fact that I had to crop out most of my terrifyingly cluttered bathroom to make myself look like a real person... look at how awesome my shoes look.

Yesterday's workout was also fantastic.  As I blogged about earlier, I got the Insanity program for my birthday.  Well, that was not the whole truth... I also got the Turbo Fire program, but it hadn't arrived yet.  I am Beachbody spoiled, I know.  So when Turbo Fire arrived yesterday, I had a bit of a dilemma.  I had been planning on starting Insanity, but then I opened Turbo Fire and it just looked so fun... and I decided that as much as I want to do Insanity (and will!), I needed some fun music and kickboxing choreography more than I needed sports drills, plyometrics, and pushups.  I wanted to be girly and shake my booty.  

I watched about 2 minutes of the introductory video (called " Get Fired Up") before I lost my patience and started the workout.  I think the same thing happened with P90X.  I should work on my patience... it is a virtue, after all.

This workout ROCKED.  I am now officially hooked on Turbo Fire.  I actually woke up excited for today's workout.  Yesterday was Fire 30 and Stretch 10 - the numbers in the name refer to how long the workout is, but since I did the "New to Class" option, Fire 30 turned into Fire 45.  I was shocked at how high my heart rate got with this workout and how many calories I burned.  My average heart rate was 158 - that has been my MAXIMUM for a lot of workouts before.  My maximum was 176, a number I've never seen on my HR monitor before.  And in about 45 minutes, I burned nearly 500 calories.  That's just awesome.  In WW activity points, I earned back my whole dinner.  And that was one of the shorter workouts.  Win.

Blurry "before Turbo Fire" photo - courtesy of my iPhone.  Someday I'll start taking real pictures again so it doesn't look like I'm fuzzy.  

Blurry "after Turbo Fire" photos - courtesy of my iPhone.  I love my hair here.  Kate Middleton probably should have used this as a blueprint for wedding style.  I wish you could see the ridiculous amount of sweat better.  

Aaaand... that's pretty much my exciting life.  Today will be interesting because I'm planning on doing the Turbo Fire workout for the day AND my run.  This is probably a bad idea, but remember this?

Enough said.

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