Enough whining!

I won't lie to you - today was another kind of downer day.  There was a lot of crying.  There was a slight temper tantrum.  There may have been foul language.  It was not my most graceful day.

But at about 9 o'clock tonight, I was sitting on the couch and I searched "how to deal with regret" on my phone (I will save you the sob story about how I got to thinking that I had ruined my life and regretting all my decisions).  I found a lot of results... apparently I'm not the only one who feels like this sometimes.  But I started reading someone's blog post about it and she mentioned yoga and I immediately thought to myself, "you'll feel better if you move."

So I got my weepy, vulnerable, sad little self off the couch and went downstairs and did a workout DVD.  It wasn't anything crazy, because it was 9 pm, for heaven's sake, I'm not Wonder Woman.  In fact, if you're wondering, it was this... a Christian inspired indoor walking DVD.  I love Leslie Sansone, she is wonderful, and she always makes me feel better.  And you know what?  It did make me feel better.  So instead of moping around and writing another blog entry about how sad I am, I am going to say I AM SO GLAD I CAN MOVE!  I am constantly amazed at what a difference just a little bit of action makes.  I felt happier, I felt more in control of my emotions... and I felt like I could function in society and not just be a burden to the people I love.  And hey, while I'm at it, have I mentioned I love all of you?  Yes, YOU!  I have been feeling lonely and friendless, and then I remember that I'm part of a really cool community of bloggers.  I know we don't hang out and get coffee, but it means a lot to me that somebody else is out there.  So thank you and I love you!

In honor of all that, I thought I'd steal Arlene's idea again and do some loving and not loving!


  • Lulu-freaking-lemon.  I'm not sure if you all have noticed, but I have a new obsession.  I want everything they make.  I can barely afford their headbands, but that's okay, right?  Right now, I'm particularly drooling over these items...

  • Shopping for "glass" slippers for Cinderella.  The artistic director asked if I'd be willing to buy my own pair, and if I was, I could keep them.  Um... yes?  I think she and I are going very different directions, though.  She was looking at some pretty basic, clear plastic shoes, while I was thinking something more like this:
Those are totally appropriate, right?

  • Graham crackers dipped in milk.  It started as an attempt to fill a cookie void one night, but then I started craving it.  If you haven't tried it, TRY IT.  And then try graham crackers topped with frosting.  But don't hurt me when you don't fit in your pants, mmmmk?
Not loving:
  • Lulu-freaking-lemon's prices.  Yeeeeeeeah.
  • The fact that it is 21 degrees outside right now.  That is not enough degrees.  It is at times like this that I miss Florida... I would trade having pretty hair for not freezing.  Especially since I never wash my hair anyway, so...


  1. My Dad brought me back some Lululemon goodies from the US just this week. They were all sale items and still freakin EXTORTIONATE. However I cannot believe the fit, quality and style. I feel like a goddess in them. We just don't have workout wear available here like that. It rules!! xox
    P.S Glad you're feeling better. I get a bit blue from time to time but agree exercise always helps xx

  2. @arlene

    Thank you, Arlene, you're so sweet :)

    I'm glad you got your hands on some Lululemon! The prices really are absurd, but I totally agree with what you said about feeling like a goddess... there's just something about it! I swear I lose 10 pounds when I put Lululemon on. What do they make that stuff out of?!