15 Thing Friday!

1.  Today I ate a pancake and part of a cinnamon roll for breakfast, Thai street noodles for lunch, and an egg with toast for dinner, topped off with saltines and cereal for dessert.  This can either be categorized as a) an invitation for, and eventual attempt at combating, a very unhappy stomach, b) eating my feelings, c) carbo-loading.  Is it still considered carbo-loading if there are no positive intentions behind it?

2.  In case you're wondering why I'm eating my feelings... the David left tonight to go back to California.  I always love seeing him and spending time with him, but it's always so hard when he leaves.  This long distance thing is awfully hard, especially when you really, really like somebody...

3.  On a much lighter note, I've had the same song stuck in my head for two days now.  It's gotten to the point that I'm considering trying to find a hippo hat to wear for the rest of the Christmas season.

4.  Interestingly, I got David singing that song as well... it's really only interesting because he's terrified of hippos.  I like to occasionally exploit this fact by talking about how much I want to snuggle a baby hippo and watching all the color drain out of his face.  Really, I have no idea how I'm not still single.

5.  I'm supposed to run 8 miles tomorrow, and right now, I'm not sure I can even get back out of bed.  I'm hoping there are little running fairies that will help me along... otherwise, I may join the "I've fallen and I can't get up" club at about mile 2.

6.  In the past five days, I believe I have had maybe 5 servings of fruit and 4 servings of vegetables.  Meanwhile, I had 500 servings of grains (read: white bread and pizza crust) and at least 200 servings of straight sugar.  I can't imagine why I don't feel on top of the world right now.

7.  That being said... if I can power through with my training regardless of the sugar coma my muscles are in, and I follow the mileage laid out in the FIRST plan, I will hit 300 miles run in 2011.  I'm not going to lie - in many ways, 2011 was not my year.  It got off to a shaky start and kind of stayed on that path for a while.  But how ridiculous is it that I went from kind of running regularly in 2009 to not running at all in 2010... and then to running over 300 miles in 2011?!  I can't wait to see how many miles 2012 brings.

8.  I have tried to keep this blog very light in terms of current affairs, religion, and political issues - I think we are often blasted enough by those things and need a little escape.  But my goodness... this hurts.  I consider myself a person of faith, and am also "not ashamed to admit" that, but I must be working with a different definition of Christianity than he is.  Silly me, I thought I was supposed to love God, love my neighbor, and try to be the best person I can be while spreading some compassion and forgiveness to others.  I'm sorry, Mr. Perry, but... um...

I really hope I'm not offending anyone right now... but close-mindedness and the refusal to accept others offends me.

9-12.  That was too heavy, wasn't it?  Um... look!  Baby animals with (or on) their mommies!

13.  What I didn't realize at first with my raging addiction to Lululemon is that you have to stalk the website like a sad creeper in order to have a shot at actually buying half of the stuff.  I saw the Run Insulator Pullover pop up three days ago, and thought it looked fabulous for freezing Colorado winter runs, but had horrible sticker shock (Lululemon, you slay me) and wanted to think about it.  The next day, the white was completely sold out, and only a size 4 was available in the black.  Now it's sold out in every size in every color.  This is like my obsession with MAC all over again... everything I want is way too expensive, and in irritatingly limited quantities.

14.  That being said, I have now gotten David hooked because he bought one of the men's shirts from Lululemon a couple days ago, took it out for a run with me, and loved it.  Now he feels comfortable with the stores and he knows my size there.  The boyfriend of the year award has his name on it.  So if you start seeing hints being dropped from now on, forgive me.

15.  Don't worry, though... I'll try to keep the hints super subtle.  I'm good at that.

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