Why am I wearing fleece in May?!

Ahem.  I swear I got off my couch and out of my sweatpants this week.  But my laptop is so heavy, blogging was impossible.  Okay... so I'm lazy.  Here.  Evidence.

Tuesday's run:
Couch to 5K Week Six, Day One
2.39 miles/33:16

Tuesday's Turbo Fire workout:
178 calories/21:03

Today's run:
Couch to 5K Week Six, Day Two
2.41 miles/31:53

Okay, you say.  You've been working out.  Congratulations, you're not the laziest human ever.  Buuuuut... have you washed your hair?

Unimportant detail.

What can I say about my runs this week?  Well, for starters, they've been REALLY FREAKING COLD!  Someone forgot to inform Colorado that it's May, and that while it's allowed to be a total jerk during the winter with snow and single digit temperatures, it is supposed to be nice by summer.  But is it?  No.  When I went out for my run today, not only was it grey, dreary, and misting (no pictures of today's run because all you would have seen was frizz), but it was 41 degrees outside.  Um.  Last I checked, 41 was not enough degrees.  Especially since it was almost noon.

That being said, both runs were actually pretty good.  On Tuesday, I backed off on my pace because I was feeling pretty sore from Fire 55 Not-So-EZ on Monday.  I was not exactly speedy today either, and my legs were just unhappy.  I think part of it is the weather... I've been a little down in the dumps because of the lack of sunshine, and I think it's starting to affect me physically.  But supposedly the sun will make a triumphant return on Saturday, so fingers crossed!

Today's run was actually really good for me mentally.  All morning, I was making every excuse I could to not go out... I spent a good 20 minutes whining about how I didn't want to ruin my iPod by taking it out in the rain and I could not bear to run without music!  The humanity!  But I finally decided to suck it up and just go.  Here is where I really want to tell you that it was a fabulous run and I did seven minute miles and the heavens smiled upon me.  But they keep telling me that lying is a sin.  Really, it was a hard run - my legs felt heavy and sore only a few minutes in and the misty rain combined with a cold wind made for icy hands and ears (insert rant about how regretting running without gloves in May is ABSURD).  

I got through the run because of two mantras... the first was "You are stronger than the elements."  This really helped when the wind nearly blew off my earbuds and my ears started tingling.  At one point during my run, at the top of a bridge, I actually threw both arms up in the hair and yelled "I am stronger than the elements!"  Well, yelled might be an exaggeration since I was wheezing at the time.  But I digress.  The second was a Chalene line from Turbo Fire that I've actually been using as a mantra for a few days now: "Guess what?  You're not tired!"  She says this a lot in Turbo Fire.  She also will say "You're not tired - you are getting your second wind," which I used a few times today as well.  Chalene is big on the idea that you will believe anything you tell yourself.  This is something I am constantly working on, but even if telling myself that I'm not tired doesn't always do the trick, hearing her positive voice in my head does help.  She's my new bestie.  I might stalk her.

Okay, this post has been way too much talk and not enough awkward pictures.  I promise that will change tomorrow, and I promise that I will actually update tomorrow for a fun new change!  Until then, I will sit quietly and devour my newfound love...

... ironically enough, I lead my very first Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow morning.  I will not be mentioning them, even though the topic is breakfast, and these are clearly the breakfast of champions. 

Don't judge me.

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