Triple Tangent Tuesday (it's still Tuesday on the west coast!)

I'm pretending that I live in California and using the last 21 minutes of Tuesday to finally join Janae in a Triple Tangent Tuesday!  And yes, I am delusional enough to believe that I am "joining" her, like she has the time or patience to read through the blogs of her 1622 followers.  Yes, I just checked how many followers she has.  And that is nuts.  I'm not sure I've met 1622 people in my entire lifetime, so I'm super impressed by her.  If you don't follow her, go and follow her now... she's adorable and funny and her posts about her love of candy make me feel less alone in my sugar coated world.

Aaaaanyway... every Tuesday she does "Triple Tangent Tuesday" where she explains three little facts about herself on her blog so that her readers can get to know her.  So, since I am still pretty new to the blog game and now am lucky enough to have some followers who don't know me personally (you better believe David was my first follower), I thought I should share some shtuff about myself!  You know, since I haven't painted the nicest picture with my dirty hair and my addiction to cake.  And since I blew off my run and have no exercise to blog about today, unless you count running up and down the stairs of my house because I kept forgetting stuff I needed...

So here we go, my very first Triple Tangent Tuesday!

1.  I love ducks.  A whole lot.  When I was working full time in Disney World, there were ducks everywhere... there was even a boy and girl duck couple that would walk through one of the break areas.  Of course I called them Donald and Daisy because I am super original and not lame at all.  Ducks are one of the things I miss most about Florida.

Just try and tell me that you don't want to snuggle the heck out of those fuzzy ducklings.  I know you're lying if you say you don't.

2.  Speaking of Florida (I don't stop talking about Disney World once I get started)... before I worked as a Skipper on the Jungle Cruise, I worked at the bakery and ice cream shop on Main Street U.S.A.  Despite getting ice cream in my hair a lot and looking like a goof in the costume, it was a fantastic job.  I was around baked goods constantly, which, though not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, was amazing.  And though I still don't understand it, guys hit on me a lot in that costume.  And by guys I mean middle aged men.

So insanely attractive.

3.  I was on the drumline for my school's marching band in college.  I played the bass drum, and was with them for two years before I had other things to focus on.  I'm not sure how gorgeous I looked in the band uniform, but there was nothing like being one of the few girls on a predominantly male drumline to make me feel badass.  I thought I was super hardcore.  I still have my jacket that says my name on the front and "CU Drumline" on the back.

In this picture, I'm the second smallest bass drum - second from the right.

Plus, the band partied all the time and had pretty spectacular party traditions.  So not only did I feel like a hardcore BAMF, but I got to do stuff like this...

That's me wrestling in Jello, kids.  I am a class act and always have been.

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  1. This was great. I must say I have never wrestled in jello. I may have to make up a tub of it today and try it out. lol. You do look pretty cute in the costume i can see why middle aged men would hit on you :) I bet that was fun working there.