Boring, party of one, your table is now ready.

Today's workout:
Power Pairs (three times through circuit), Ab Burner on Nike Training Club app
347 calories/53:23

This is not destined to be the most thrilling of all blog entries.  Forgive me.  If you actually have the patience to read my blog regularly, you'll probably learn that I'm not a super exciting person.  Weird, yes.  Snarky, yes.  Exciting?  Ehhhhhh.

As you may be able to tell from my workout updates, I've fallen off the Turbo Fire bandwagon.  And by that I mean... I jumped off.  Willingly.  The whole 5 Day Inferno thing really wasn't working out for me... as much as I love feeling completely compromised and exhausted from my exercise, and freaking out the entire cast of my show by nearly blacking out in rehearsal... I decided maybe the madness needed to stop.  Plus, I knew the only reason that I was doing the 5 Day Inferno was so I could lose some quick pounds and inches before Godspell opens, and truth be told, that goes against how I feel about weight loss.  I try to ignore it sometimes because it's irritating, but Weight Watchers really has taught me that healthy, sustainable, and slow weight loss is really the best plan.  So I'm slightly chubby for Godspell... who cares?  As long as I hit the notes (please?) then I should be okay.

Shameless self promotion.

I've also decided to take a little breather on Turbo Fire to figure out exactly how it's going to fit into my schedule.  I have really enjoyed the workouts and I do want to increase the amount of cardio I'm doing, but first and foremost, I want to successfully complete my half marathon training.  I committed to that before I committed to Turbo Fire, and in the long run, it's more important to me.  And since I'd like to run my first half marathon injury-free, I know I need to be careful about overtraining... and Turbo Fire could definitely cause some of that.  I'm still figuring it out.  

In the meantime, I have decided through all of my logical reasoning (read: whining about it incessantly to anyone who will even pretend to listen) that the reason I've been feeling and looking all mushy and pudgy is because I went from constant strength training (good ol' P90X) to pretty much no strength training.  Yup.  That's the reason. 

These have nothing to do with it.

Neither do these.

Or this.  That's a single serving, right?

Regardless of my newfound love for binge eating (delightful), I do think that I have been missing strength training.  So I'm making a commitment, and hoping that posting it here where a whole five people might read it will keep me accountable: I will do the Power Pairs workout three times a week for the next four weeks... so until June 17th.  In addition, I will do some sort of ab routine on those days, whether it's the Ab Burner workout from the NTC app (which is AWESOME, if you have an iPhone, go download it right now), Ab Ripper X from P90X, or something else entirely.  It may mean busting out my VHS of 8 Minute Abs.  

I think a four week commitment is long enough to get some results and make strength training a stable part of my routine again, but short enough so that I can keep my eye on a goal and not get frustrated.  I'm looking at tomorrow as kind of a fresh start, and am going to take some measurements and work on cleaning up my eating this week.

Okay, I know... snoozeville.  I will stop being boring as soon as I announce that I lead my very first Weight Watchers meeting this morning!  I have been nervous about it for pretty much the entire week, but it went so smoothly.  The members were delightful - so nice and so accepting of me, even though I'm replacing a long-time leader at that meeting.  And the two receptionists were absolute lifesavers.  They quickly realized that I essentially have no idea what I'm doing and were very patient with me.  I'm actually excited to lead this meeting again next week, and to see the members progress!  I feel more comfortable now that it's "my" meeting and I'm not in training or subbing.  I absolutely cannot wait to help these members - I think it's going to be a great meeting.  

Dreams come true, kids... dreams come true!


  1. your blog. is hilarious. as was your comment on my post about carbs. girl, i CANNOT give up carbs.

  2. Because carbs are the greatest! I really want to be all badass and just gnaw on meat all day, but it's so not happening. I need cupcakes to live.