Back to being the laziest human.

Today's "workout":
Super leisurely walk with my Mommy
1:34 mi

Today was technically a rest day, so I had no workout planned, but it turned into a beautiful day outside, so I went on a really lovely walk with my mom.  It was great to just be outside in the sunshine... I'm glad that it's finally turning into summer around here.

That was pretty much it for the day, to be honest.  You thought I couldn't get any more boring, didn't you?  That's adorable.  Don't tempt me... I can always get more boring. 

But in lieu of sharing with you all of the exciting details about the games that I played on my iPhone today, I'll make a shout out for Lisa's giveaway!  Considering she's one of my now five followers (because Stephanie took pity on me and joined in on the fun!) and D-Dog is probably not interested in a brand new Bic Band (I think he'd look super cute in the red sparkly one, though), I'm not sure this little shout out will garner much attention for Lisa.  But I tried!  And it's a cool giveaway, so check it out!  I'm now dreaming of Bic Bands because I see them everywhere (read: I stalk Skinny Runner's pictures like I'm her paparazzi), and I've decided that if I don't win Lisa's giveaway for one, I will be buying myself a few as my reward for finishing Couch to 5K in a couple weeks.  Oh, let's be honest, I'll buy myself 10.  

Speaking of things I MUST HAVE since I'm now a serious runner (stop laughing)... I've decided that I need The Stick.

And by "I've decided I need The Stick," I really mean "My hamstrings have decided to mutiny and wage war against me until they get what they want."  And I am powerless against them so clearly I need a big stick to fight back.  Me woman.  Hear roar.

But of course, if I'm treating my hamstrings better (read: doing anything at all to make them less hateful), I'm sure my calves and shins will get super jealous, so I think it's also time to splurge on a pair of these bad boys.

Especially since I don't look like enough of a spaz when I'm running already... let's add some compression sleeves that make my calves look like enormous highlighters.  I can feel David right now thinking, "Why do I find Jessica attractive...?"

Okay, last thing, and I promise it's not a Glamour Shot of yours truly.  It's one of those days where you look in the mirror and go "When was the last time I cut my hair?!!" because it looks so ridiculous.   ANYWAY... (do I even have the ability to stay on topic?)... I also am really interested in trying these new fancy schmancy suckers.

Today's blog post is brought to you by the color red.

I'm still trying to decide if I love them or think they're crazy, but either way, I'm really tempted by them.  I know I overpronate and I know I need stability shoes and I know that I would be risking injury... but wahhhhhh, I want them!!

Super pretty whiny face.  Just ignore the hair.

Really, it's just that I get bored on rest days and want to go shopping.  And this is my second day of tracking everything I eat and staying within my daily Points Plus target, so since I don't want to mindlessly snack and ruin my progress, I'll just mindlessly spend money and ruin my bank account.  Totally acceptable trade off, right?  

... right?

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  1. I can't wait for a nice day, it seems like all we've had is rain lately. Yay for a nice walk with your mom.