Recovery drink fail.

Today's Turbo Fire workout:
Fire 55 EZ

First of all, the idea of this as "EZ" is laughable.  Let's clear that up right now.  I again did the "New to Class" version where Chalene breaks down the moves, which was relatively essential in this workout because the combos were ridiculous.  And never ending.  Another reason why it was not easy.  Mainly it wasn't easy because it's an hour of nonstop crazy.  In just over an hour (including stretch), I burned 667 calories.  Seriously?!  No complaints here, really.  Means more food for me.  

And speaking of food... or things that pretend to be food... I had my first adventure with a real grown-up recovery drink today!  On Tuesday, I posted that I'd ordered Fluid Recovery Drink (in Chocolate Wave because if I'm using 3 PointsPlus values on something, it better be chocolate).  In shocking news to everyone, however, I got impatient.  And it turns out that a store nearby carries the stuff.  So I went down there fat, dumb, and happy to get some single serving packets of Fluid in the two other flavors, Berry Treasure and Tropical Escape, so that I could try them post Turbo Fire.  I decided on Berry Treasure as today's adventure.

Here is how I looked and felt post-workout and pre-recovery drink (only not fuzzy, thanks iPhone, you're a jerk)...

And here is how I looked and felt after a few sips...

I'm sad because of all the things I've lost in my triple chins.

I'm relatively concerned about all the people who reviewed it because they must not have taste buds.  Someone should notify them immediately.  But really... all kidding aside, this stuff was DISGUSTING. I couldn't even finish it.  I made it exactly as instructed, using about 16 ounces of water, and I probably made it through half.  Maybe.  It smelled weird, it tasted gross... it really was the whole package.  Actually, at one point, I considered that maybe the package would taste better...

It did, actually.

So now I'm feeling a little dumb for buying a whole container of it without trying it first.  I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that I'm just not a fan of Berry Treasure, and that Tropical Escape and Chocolate Wave might be better.  I'm planning on trying Tropical Escape tomorrow if I can bear it, and Chocolate Wave should be here Monday.  If all else fails, it looks like I'm back to fruit smoothies and chocolate milk... there are worse fates in the world.

Speaking of food (again), I have two new addictions.  The first is an obsession with putting whipped cream on everything.  This is starting to really get out of hand.  But see for yourselves here.

I know the correct response to seeing this bowl of delightful mixed berries should be "Oh, yum!  Mixed berries!"  But doesn't it look so much better...


Really, this is getting out of hand.  I bought the jumbo can of Reddi-Whip tonight because I have been running through the regular cans too quickly.

The other new addiction is... wait for it... No Pudge Brownies.  

I'm relatively sure I'm the last Weight Watchers member ever to try these, but I'm so glad I did.  They are delightful!  The exact opposite of Fluid Berry Treasure - these completely made up for that mishap.  I made them with Fage 0% plain yogurt, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and a little bit of egg whites just to make the batter less powdery.  I'm madly in love.  Sorry David... 

Someday he will probably kill me for the pictures that I use in this blog.

But he's used to things like this.  I once left him for a buttermilk biscuit.  It's not a moment I'm particularly proud of... but it was a really good biscuit, kids.

Now my food baby and I will go to sleep.  Hopefully I don't go into labor in the night... I'm too tired for that nonsense.

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