Anatomy of a rest day (in an awkward assortment of pictures)

Today was a rest day for Turbo Fire... a rest day two days into the program = genius.  Good call, Chalene.

I've read mixed opinions on "rest" days.  Some people say take the whole day off from intentional exercise, other people say just do something different than what you're resting from (i.e. for a rest day between runs, go for a bike ride).  I tend to go with the do-nothing-all-day approach.  Working out well for me so far.

I admit that I considered doing some of this...

... mostly so I could look like that on the beach...

But I ended up watching a whole lot of this instead...

Then I got creative and, inspired by the warm weather, painted these:

Yup, those are my chubby toes.  Hey, they're more attractive than my face in some of the pictures you've seen already, so... you're welcome.

Then I drove over to rehearsal for this:

Which is so much fun I can hardly stand it sometimes, and I am getting so excited for us to open!

Well, that was obviously strenuous so I had to have some spa time...

That stuff is the best.  Seriously, the best.  Check it out: Aloe Protective Restoring Mask.  And good ol' Body Shop is doing a buy 2, get 1 free or buy 3, get 2 free deal right now.  I know because I am on every possible notification list they have.  If they offered to implant a chip in my head and send signals of sales straight to my brain, I'd sign up for it.

Buuuuut... that was pretty much my day, kids.  The only other thrilling news I have is that I am officially done with the whole dry socket mess (knock on wood) and am healing nicely according to my surgeon.  So huzzah!  And with that, I think the perfect ending to the day is in order.


Good night, lovelies!

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