Okay, so... just pretend that I actually posted this on Sunday.  I'm playing a massive game of catch up here, and with Blogger down all of yesterday... wellllll... just work with me, kids.

One of my goals for the year is to complete 11 races in 2011.  In order to note regret this goal and end up punching myself in the face, I'm leaving it as simple as that - the races can be walking or running, and any distance.  So with that in mind, i am now one step closer to completing that goal because I finished my first race of 2011!  Huzzah!

On Sunday, May 8th, my mom wanted to do the Colorado Rockies Home Run for the Homeless to celebrate Mother's Day.  It's a 5K race starting right at the front of Coors Field where the Rockies play, going through part of downtown Denver, and finishing with a lap around the warning track on the field.  We did the same race in 2009 together, as my first race after joining Weight Watchers and starting Couch to 5K the first time, so I thought it would be a great first race of the year.

My mom and I walked it together, and according to my Garmin, we finished in 52:49.  Our average moving pace was a 15:46 min/mi and our best pace was a 9:23 min/mi, which pretty much thrilled my mom to no end, much like my response to my 7ish min/mi.  She is now almost as big a fan of my Garmin as I am.

And now... without futher ado... I present to you a photographic journey through the Home Run for the Homeless.  Also known as "Jessica Taking Lots of Pictures to Forget About How Much Her Feet Hurt."


It was a pretty good crowd this year - it's nice to see a good turnout for a charity race.

It took us about 10 minutes to get here after the official start of the race... hence why I am using the time from my Garmin instead of the official time from the racing chip.

Why yes, there is a grown man in a jester hat yelling into a megaphone at mile one...  Why?  I couldn't begin to tell you.

No jester at mile two, just Porta-Potties.  What a letdown.

Headed into the field!

A view from right behind home plate.

Where my beloved Dexter Fowler relaxes between plays... sigh...

Looking like a goof on the warning track.  Those pants are more purple in person - trying to show off my Rockies pride.  Instead, I think I just showed off my thunder thighs.  But I digress.


I really enjoyed this race - it's a good course, not super hilly, and with really nice views.  There was water on the course once I believe, which for fish-girl here is not quite enough, but since the weather was pretty balmy, it was not a huge deal.  I made the decision to take my new Mizuno Wave Inspire 7s out as a "breaking them in" adventure... this was a horrible choice.  The Asics, as I realized, are a lot more cushiony, and so by comparison, I felt like I had very little support in the Mizunos.  I think I'm going to try getting insoles or inserts of some sort and hoping that helps.  These shoes have been good to me for several years, so I'd be sad if they didn't work for me anymore - especially since the Asics I've now fallen in love with are discontinued.  Silly Nordstrom Rack getting me to fall in love with things that don't exist anymore!

But I digress... I would definitely do this race again next year.  The after party was pretty wonderful - free hot dogs!  Free Diet Coke!  Free beer... which I didn't take advantage of because it wasn't even quite 10 am yet, and even I have limits.  If they'd been handing out cake, different story.  I did partake of a hot dog, and it was delightful!  Plus, for the entry fee, you get a t-shirt, all the after party nonsense, and two free tickets to a Rockies game.  And it supports a great cause, which I really appreciate.  Charity runs are my favorite.

Now... back to playing catch up.  Whew!

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