So many shoes, so little time.

I have had the greatest luck with shoes lately and I am a big fan of the whole thing.

Today was a rest day exercise wise, so this post pretty much has nothing to do with the point of the whole blog.  It's mostly just going to be an absurd amount of pictures of stuff I have bought or received in the past week.  And this isn't even all of it... I thought I'd save you 8000 pictures of my Forever 21 splurges.

First... the shoes.  You know those two Nordstrom Racks I mentioned yesterday, one of which I went to?  Well, obviously I had to go to the second one today.  Because you know, in my dream world where I am rich and famous, shopping every day is just life.

I scored three different beauties.

Oh, Jessica Simpson... You don't even need to sing anymore.  Just make shoes forever.  I have been looking for a nude pump and these just made my whole day.  They're a little darker than nude, though, which means I'll just have to keep looking anyway... shucks.

These were a super find in my book - I've been wanting to try a pair of Asics because I've heard nothing but good things about them, and these were pretty budget-friendly as far as running shoes go.  These are the Gel-Phoenix 3, which is a stability shoe.  I might take them out for a spin tomorrow and see how they feel.

These were ridiculous and more money than they really should have been, but they are so sickeningly adorable on.  I would show you, but without a pedicure, I'm afraid that picture would just be sickening... not adorable.

I am loving the new Nordstrom Rack locations, really great stuff.  The selection of jeans alone was fabulous... I admit that I had a bit of a problem when I found that there was a whole section of just Joe's jeans and a whole section of just Paige Premium Denim.  I dream about jeans... which I think amuses everyone I know because I never wear them.  I think in the entire year and a half that David and I have been dating, he's seen me in jeans less than 10 times.  I love them, but I can never seem to find the perfect pair.  Wait... that's a lie.  I found the perfect pair.  They are Joe's jeans in the perfect blue with the perfect amount of stretch and I got them for very cheap.  Buuuuut... they were skintight when I finished P90X.  So right now they don't so much close.  Which is why I grumbled and whined and walked away from the whole section of just Joe's jeans and the whole section of just Paige Premium Denim because I thought maybe I should fit in the jeans I already own before I buy more.  Maybe.

Aside from those conquests, I picked up a new workout shirt from Nike Pro Combat.

I am normally not one for red, but it just seemed cheery.  And I need all the cheer I can get when I'm wheezing like an old man coming up the hill towards my house.

Also, since I am bombarding you with pictures of all my nifty stuff (I share well), here is a taste of my birthday presents.

INSANITY!  I absolutely cannot wait to start.  I was planning on giving myself another week to recover from the wisdom teeth adventure, but I might just start on Monday.  I don't do the whole patience thing so well.

An adorable new Rockies shirt.  My mama ain't no fool - she buys me cute Rockies stuff, Dexter Fowler notices me, we have a wedding that trumps Will and Kate, and then I have adorable children with fabulous teeth.

That's logical, right?

I think that is all for tonight.  I promise tomorrow I will go for a run and actually write about running.  It will be something new and different!

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