I really love my Garmin.

Today's run:
Couch to 5K Week Five, Day Three
2.3 miles/29:03

I'm still working on getting all caught up on my runs and workouts for the past week, but diving back in anyway.  Today's run went really well, which was kind of surprising given the circumstances.  See, someone forgot to tell the state of Colorado that it's MAY and SUMMER and that it should be WARM.  Colorado is apparently under the impression that it is still FEBRUARY and WINTER and that it should be FREEZE-YOUR-TOOKUS-OFF-COLD.  Right before I got out of my car to go on my run (and yes, I drive to a gloriously flat path for my runs now instead of wheezing up the hills of my neighborhood), I checked my phone to see the temperature.  It said 39 degrees.  Read it again, and recognize that it is May 15th, kids: 39 degrees and foggy, with misty rain.  Um.  Yeah.  Let's just say it wasn't the most comfortable running weather of all time.  It did make for some gorgeous pictures though...

Baby geese!  I got to this little park right at the end of my run - this was a nice surprise.

The bitter goose in the forefront was not a nice surprise - he tried to attack me for taking pictures.  I hereby dub him Britney Spears.

Despite the cold weather and the fact that I spaced bringing water or Cytomax with me on the run (never again will I run without Cytomax - it is my homeslice), I was so insanely proud of this run.  For today's run, following the Couch to 5K plan, I did a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down with a 20 minute solid run between.  YEAH BABY!  I was a little nervous, mostly because as much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes get bored with running.  But it went really well!  And I'm thrilled with my pace - in the 20 minutes, I ran about 1.8 miles, which means I am getting dangerously close to running a 10 minute mile and it doesn't feel super hard!  That is crazy awesome to me, and I'm so excited to keep working on my speed.

Now... I admit I have a confession to make.  Don't tell David, but there's a new relationship in my life, one that has gotten very serious and physically intimate so quickly I barely even realized it was happening.  The truth is... we went to bed together... and I just had to tell someone...

... I wish I was kidding.

Shockingly, when I couldn't find my Garmin for my run on Friday, I never thought to myself, "I wonder if it's tangled up in my bed?"  Yup, that's right everyone... I slept with my Garmin for several nights.  It's love, it's real and it's deep.

Poor David, the jealousy must be killing him.  That's his blanket that the Garmin has been lounging in after each sweaty rendezvous.  Shameful.

In other news having nothing to do with my new GPS lovaaah, I've decided to have a little "do over" and restart Turbo Fire tomorrow.  I realized today that I'd done almost two weeks of Turbo Fire workouts along with my running and honestly, I hadn't noticed a single change in my body.  But then, I also realized that I hadn't actually taken before pictures or measurements so I really had no accurate way of knowing if there had been changes.  Oops.  So I'm starting over tomorrow and taking my before pictures and my before measurements like a good little Beachbody addict.  I'm also going to follow the 5 Day Inferno Plan that says I can "get hot for the weekend."  Yowza.  I'm not exactly 100% on what that means, but hey, I'll play.  I'm even following the nutrition plan for the five days, and went grocery shopping today for everything I'll need.  It's going to be a little rough because it combines long Turbo Fire workouts every day with a 1,200 calorie diet, but we'll see!  Depending on how terrifyingly pale I look in the before pictures, I might post them tomorrow.  Avert your eyes now.

And... just in case you've been looking at too many of the pictures in this blog...

I really do own makeup.  And a hairbrush.  And jewelry.  I mean, it's just that one necklace, but that's enough, right?


  1. So which Cytomax flavor do you like? Cause I have the orange one and can't stand it. lol

  2. I actually like the orange one! It reminds me of orange Tic Tics... and anything that makes me think I'm eating candy is a win in my book.

    That being said, my favorite is Cool Citrus, I definitely prefer it over the orange. And at some point, I want to try Tropical Fruit, since fruit punch is my go-to Crystal Light flavor. You know how people are 80% water? I think I'm 80% aspartame. Oops.