T is for Tuesday. And TOXIC.

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Week 12, Day 1 (30 minute easy run)
2.78 miles/40:00

Today's second workout because I thought I could hack it:
Sculpt 30
183 calories/28:17

Those were the two workouts that I did today before I realized that my body was going to descend into darkness.  I don't have a lot to say except that I feel like death.  I have all fingers and toes crossed that I don't actually have some vile disease because I really want to be able to fly to California on Friday to see David.  And I already have enough issues with flying alone and at night, so flying alone and at night and fighting the flu is so not happening.  Which means no David... no Disneyland... no Dole Whip.  Inappropriate.

If you are reading this, please send healthy thoughts my way.  I feel a little like I did on the second day of Percocet with my wisdom teeth... right before I spent several hours with my head in a toilet crying to my mom that I was not going to make it through the night.  Let's not hit that point again, shall we?

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