Triple Tangent Twednesday!

I almost actually posted this on Tuesday, but I'm starting to think maybe it's good that it's Triple Tangent Twednesday.  Though, honestly, today I'm feeling a little bit more like this girl with her WTF Wednesday tradition.  Bitter is my new thing.

1.  I've been working on my housewife skills lately (David is simultaneously intrigued and freaked out right now) and pretending I can cook.  My parents and David and other people that blindly love me will tell me that I am a great cook, but here's the thing... I'm really good at cooking maybe 5 things.  And I mean it, those 5 things are delightfully delicious.  But people who can actually cook can cook lots of things.  And I'm learning that I'm not one of those people.  My meatballs?  Delectable.  My chicken fingers?  Fabulous.  The BBQ chicken burgers I made the other night?  Laughable.  Go, drool at those pictures, and then know that it's not going to happen.  And let's not even mention the macaroni salad that I made from a Weight Watchers recipe (normally a good source, really!) that was essentially inedible.  But last night, I made chili. Oh good Lord, that chili.  I started with a Weight Watchers recipe, and then got obsessive and Googled "how to make chili" and learned lots of chili secrets and ended up kind of making up my own recipe as I went along.  And you know what?  It was amazing.  If I could marry that chili, I would.

Topped with sour cream and cheese and served with cornbread.  Required.

2.  Today I tried to clean my bedroom.  See, there's something I haven't told all of you... in fact, I haven't told lots of people.  My room is a disaster area.  I mean this.  I'd show you a picture, but that's too much.  And I say that having shown you many pictures of my sweaty, unwashed self.  You can ask David about it if you want, because once I made the horrible mistake of showing him and every time I remember that, I cry.  And I'm not being dramatic.  I can't watch any of the hoarding shows because I am afraid that I will understand them.

I just don't know how to part with things.  I mean, some stuff is easy, like random things that are broken, things that are clearly trash, clothing that I don't like anymore.  Some stuff is even fun, like clothing that I stopped fitting into 30 pounds ago.  But then there's everything else.  I don't actually consider myself a hoarder, because I rarely have the mentality of "But what if I need this later?!"  For me, it's a problem of being a sentimental sap.  Today, I was going through clothing and doing pretty well at weeding stuff out, until I got to the back of my closet where all of my sweatshirts are.  And I froze.  I may have broken out in a cold sweat.  Because hanging there are maybe 7 sweatshirts from high school.  How do I get rid of my high school sweatshirts?!  If I get rid of them, no one will know where I went to high school!  And yes, I have moments of logic, when I know that the best use of those sweatshirts is to keep someone warm, and they can't do that in the back of my closet.  But does it make it any easier to put the damn things into the giveaway bag?  Absolutely not.

3.  Um... I don't remember when I last washed my hair.  It might have been a week ago today.  It might have been a week ago yesterday.  It might have been a month ago.  This is the problem with not having a reason to leave the house.  But wait... I have a reason to leave the house tomorrow and will I wash my hair?  Um.  Maybe I'll just go for dreadlocks.


  1. Hahahaha dreadlocks are cool. You should totally rock them! Your chili looks delicious by the way!

  2. Appreciatte you blogging this