Thursday, September 8, 2011

I ran two days in a row and didn't light on fire!

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Week 11, Day 2 (30 minute tempo run)
3.25 miles/40:00

So... I accidentally did my tempo run today.  This was not on my agenda for the day, please understand.  I strongly believe in my running three days a week plan.  I remember the first time (and until today, I thought the last time) that I ran two days in a row.  It was my first time through Couch to 5K back in 2009, and I thought my legs were going to fall off.  I believe I cried.  So I decided then and there that I would not run two days in a row again.  Now, please, let's ignore the clear logic here that I'm lighter and fitter now than I was in 2009... bear with me.  Old habits die really hard around here.

But I had kind of a tough day.  There's a whole lot going on in my personal life right now, and since it's messy and complicated and annoying, I will spare you the details... the point that is important to make for the purposes of my selfish blogging needs is that I was grumpy today.  Little Miss Bonnie woke me up at about 6:30 barking her fool head off this morning.  Normally, not a huge deal since I am a morning person, but I'm pretty sure I was smack dab in the middle of a REM cycle because I about hit the roof and stabbed that puppy.  I didn't.  Don't worry.  But it made me groggy and grumpy and weird.  Which is never a good way to start a day.

On top of that, I've been spending the last couple days sitting on my couch.  Really.  That's it.  Yesterday, I went for my run in the morning, and then pretty much stayed on my couch for the rest of the day.  Today, I woke up and then sat on my couch for hours playing Fruit Ninja because I am so cool.  After about an hour, I had a pounding headache from staring at that tiny screen, so I tried to be productive and clean (HAHAHAHA).  Then afternoon happened.  And I hadn't left my house all day.  Let's be honest, I hadn't gotten out of my pajamas.  Okay, let's be super honest... I hadn't brushed my teeth.

So I decided I needed to get out, and I realized I wanted to run.  I was grumpy and feeling kind of down and disappointed in myself (I fail at cleaning) and I just needed an outlet.  For some reason, Turbo Fire sounded awful today, so a run it was.  And I originally planned to just run for a while and not worry about anything, but apparently being pissed off really fuels a run.  I was moving along at a pretty quick pace, so about halfway through, I just decided to make it my tempo run.  Which means I can sleep in tomorrow.  Yeehaw!  Plus, it helped my mood drastically.  I wish I could say that it helped me get off the couch and stop eating, but... I don't want to lie to you guys.

Also, it was cold outside (55 degrees!) and I needed to wear long sleeves.  That was relatively delightful.  And I tried out my new SPIbelt!  I ordered it a while ago on a whim because pink was on sale and I decided I had to have it.  It was inexpensive, and after one run, I believe I love it.  I still haven't gotten to the point where I need gels or shot bloks or anything on my runs, but I used it to carry my cell phone and clip my iPod shuffle and it seemed to work well!  Disregard that I wore it like a lame fanny pack around my waist...

Yeah... pretty embarrassing...

That's it.  No more awkward pictures.  But luckily... it's TRIPLE TANGENT TWEDNESDAY time!  Stay tuned :)

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