Friday, September 30, 2011

Too. Tired. Must. Sleep. Now.

This is just to say that I am, in fact, alive.  I did not win at Operation Suck Less today because I did not have the energy to jump around like a crazy person with Chalene... I got to bed last night (still in California) around midnight, and woke up this morning at 4:30 (IN THE MORNING) to go to the airport and fly home.  Then I raced around and went to work.  But I did get the amazing opportunity to meet this guy today...

David Kirchhoff, otherwise known as the President and CEO of Weight Watchers and the author of the awesome blog, Man Meets Scale

I had already known from reading his blog that Mr. Kirchhoff was a pretty cool gentleman, but getting to shake his hand (yes, I did get twitterpated, thank you for asking) and listen to him just talk about Weight Watchers and the inherent problems with weight management and all sorts of stuff was so profoundly motivating.  I may not have had the energy to exercise after the meeting with him, but you can be sure that I came home and ate some brown rice with lean chicken and vegetables.  And please don't think that I actually cooked that.  Tokyo Joe's for the win.


Now it's time for some serious sleeping so that I can get up and run before my meeting tomorrow morning.  Which should be easy since I'm falling asleep sitting up and drooling a little right now.  I'm a pretty girl.

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