15 Things Unrelated to a Day

1.  I missed 15 Thing Friday because Friday was a complete mess.  So these 15 things are rebels and not associated with Friday.  They're over Friday.  But really, who isn't?

I probably just lost 5 readers because of this video.  I'm sorry if your ears are bleeding.

2.  I couldn't think of a second thing right away because my brain cells are completely shot, so I did what anyone would do experiencing writer's block with the internet handy: I got on Facebook.  I just lost ten minutes of my life to Facebook.  Facebook is evil.

3.  After several weeks of swearing I'd get one, I finally bought a Camelbak today.  Correction: I bought two Camelbaks today.  One thing you may not know about me is that I am incredibly indecisive.  If I'm making a big purchase (that isn't a ridiculous impulse buy that I will cry about later), I usually spend a week just reading all the reviews I can on the item(s) in question.  I stalk Amazon for reviews.  If something has a single one star review, I will agonize over that one star review.  This is stupid, but true.  Anyway, I couldn't decide between the Annadel and the Charm.  So I bought both of them.  Ready to be shocked?  I still can't decide.  The Annadel is a little heavier and doesn't have a clip for the bite valve, but the shoulder straps are much softer, it has more room for stuff I may want to stash, and it has a chest strap, which could go be good or bad, I'm not sure.  And it's pink, which is a plus.  The Charm is lighter, smaller, and does have a clip for the bite valve, but it isn't as soft, it doesn't have a chest strap, and it seems to bounce a whole lot more when I awkwardly run through my living room with it on.  And it has daisies, and I love daisies.  Damnit.  I will be forced to decide in the morning, so we'll see.

4.  I weighed in this morning because it's the 10th and I have to weigh in by the 10th of every month or feel the wrath of the Weight Watchers gods.  Somehow, miraculously, I was within my range.  This means that in 9 days, I lost 5 pounds, because that's how high my weight was when I got back from Florida.  All I can say is HALLELUJAH.  

5.  My teeth started to ache randomly today, and haven't really stopped.  I've started imagining my teeth falling out one by one and all the dental hygienists who have told me to floss standing there and laughing at me.  I put "floss" on my to do list.  Stupid mouth.

6.  I run nine miles tomorrow morning and every time I think about it, I kind of want to cry.  I am hoping the Camelbak helps, because I can't handle another run like last week.  The half marathon is now 29 days away, and I have to be honest... I'm ready for it to be over.  I had hoped to run the Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas in December, but I'm going to see.  I might be a one half marathon girl.

7.  I go back to California and visit David in 5 days.  And after a glorious week with him, I go visit my sister!  I am ready to pee my pants I'm so excited.  Jessica, you've just run 9 miles, what are you going to do next?  GO TO DISNEYLAND!

8.  Did I mention I run nine miles tomorrow morning?  And did I also mention that my right knee is throbbing and my stomach is giving me serious trouble?  This will be an adventure.

9.  The number of miles I will run tomorrow.  I know I am a broken record, but I am terrified.

10.  I had a single fruit today.  And I mean that - I had a single kiwi.  I did have a whole lot of grilled peppers at lunch, but I'm not sure they count because they were on top of a hot dog.  Fruit and vegetable consumption fail.

11.  I did not buy an Almond Snickers for tomorrow morning because I want to experiment some more with finding good pre-run fuel for me.  Okay, I lied.  I forgot to buy an Almond Snickers and I'm panicking.  Maybe a banana and some peanut butter would do the trick.

12.  The more I think about it, the less I want to floss my teeth, even if I am scared that they will all fall out.  I really hate flossing.  Maybe if I had this neato invention, I would be dreading it less.

13.  Now I desperately want cupcakes.  If only this girl could come live in my house and bake me stuff.  If you are not familiar with How Sweet It Is... GO.  Read.  Obsess over how amazing everything she makes looks.  I dare you to come back here and tell me you're not drooling.

14.  I bought the book Intuitive Eating from Amazon and started reading it yesterday.  So far I'm pretty much in love.  I think Weight Watchers is amazing, and I'm still so grateful for what that program has helped me accomplish, and I am honored to be able to share it with others and see them reach their goals.  Weight Watchers is a fabulous weight loss program.  But what I have learned is that weight maintenance is so much harder than weight loss - the transition from being in "weight loss mode" to being in "normal mode" is insanely difficult, and I'm afraid I never really got to "normal mode."  I think this book is going to help me do it, and I'm so excited to embark on that journey.

15.  Okay, this one's depressing and really ill-fitting in a mostly amusing post... but I am done with death.  No more deaths close to me are allowed for the year 2011.  I started this blog well into 2011, so most of you (read: everyone but David) don't know how the last year has gone.  I lost my grandfather last November - he was the only grandparent I had a real relationship with, and he was suffering badly for several months, so it was incredibly tough to take.  Plus, I was in Florida, and still feel guilty that I wasn't here for him.  Then I lost my dog in January.  She was my baby, and I loved her so very much... and I missed seeing her again by two days.  She needed to be put down only two days before I made it home from Florida.  Do you see a trend in guilt rising here?  Last week, my grandfather's widow (not my grandmother, who unfortunately passed away before I was born) was admitted to the hospital and needed surgery on Wednesday.  She was recovering well on Thursday, took a bad turn on Friday, and passed away early this morning.  She was in her 90s and in increasingly bad health, but it was still a surprise given how well she was doing the day of and the day after surgery.  This is the main reason that 15 Thing Friday didn't happen - I couldn't focus.  I still can't really focus.  She and I were not incredibly close, but I'm starting to learn something about death... each death that affects you brings back the feelings of all the other ones, especially if they are recent.  So while I am sad at her passing, I am also overwhelmed by the fact that it has brought back all the sadness and guilt I feel from the passing of my grandfather and my dog.  If I'm a terrible blogger for a while, it's because I'm overwhelmed right now.  Forgive me.

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