FINALLY - Triple Tangent Twednesday gift!

Seriously, why don't I just Google things in the first place?  The minute I typed "audio and video sync problems with stupid photobooth" into Google, I got my answer.  It took forever and a half to get this thing to export, but I can now finally present you with the last part of last week's Triple Tangent Twednesday.  And yes, I am embarrassed by that sentence.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about right now... then you can go here for the original TTT tease.  If you don't know how I failed... then you can go here and imagine me shaking my laptop in frustration.

Here's is the original disclaimer (read: watch at your own danger).  When I stop rambling and actually start singing, you might want to turn down your volume.  I was standing a little too close to the microphone so it gets a little blasty and obnoxious when I'm hitting high notes, and I'd rather you all not stop following me simply because I made your ears bleed.  That would be sad for me.  I was going to redo it standing farther away from the microphone, but first of all, I looked like I was avoiding the camera when I tried it and second, the catastrophe I'm about to post is really a pretty good insight of my actual behavior.  Seriously.  Watch this and then get in touch with David to tell him how impressed you are that he's been with me for so long.  And then imagine my whole anglerfish conversation in a similar hyperactive tone and wonder why.  I still don't know why.

Here we go!  Forgive the quality... it was the best I could get.  You're welcome, David.

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