Triple Tangent Twednesday!

I feel like this is going to come off as more of a confessional than a bunch of tangents...

1.  I had three dinners tonight.  I mean, kind of.  First, I had some Honey Baked Ham that I literally peeled off the bone and shoved into my face while standing over the kitchen sink.

(also I just discovered Picnik again and FINALLY I understand how the cool bloggers do these captions... now I get to be that awkward kid who is a week behind every cool thing)

Then since that wasn't enough, I made pasta.  Okay, that's a lie... I took cold pasta that was sitting in my fridge, made sure it wasn't completely slimy, and dumped it into a pot with some pasta sauce.  Then I added about a half pound of cheese to it and scarfed it down.  The bottomless pit then required a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  And a cupcake.  Really, I am impressive tonight.

2.  I attempted cleaning again today.  It went pretty well for an hour or so, but it never ends well because I get overwhelmed and frustrated and then I eat ham over the kitchen sink.  You have to understand what I mean when I say "cleaning" - I don't get out the dust rag and polish the silver.  When I say "I'm going to try to clean today," I mean that I am going to try desperately to wade through the enormous amounts of crap that I have somehow collected over the years.  Like the stuffed gorilla wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt and backwards baseball cap that sings "Hot, Hot, Hot" that some fool got me for some birthday or something.  It sits on my desk mocking me daily.  What the hell do you do with something like that?!  Soon I need to just load up a U-Haul and park it in front of Goodwill and tell them to have fun.  

SERIOUSLY?!  People have put this on YouTube.  Yes, I'm the freak that Googled "gorilla that sings hot hot hot" but REALLY?!  Watch that and tell me that thing isn't Satanic.  Does anyone want this?  I will send it to you.  Free of charge.  I'll even drop some spare change in the envelope.  Get it out of my house.

3.  I went to the Boulder Running Company today to stock up on the single servings of Cytomax for a while - I'll be doing my next two long runs in California, visiting David and then visiting my sister.  Which means I'll whine just that much more because on top of running way too many freaking miles, I'll be doing it somewhere I don't know.  But I got my Cytomax, so I can't whine too much.  I also bought some Shot Bloks to try and felt super hardcore and like a real runner.  Then I looked at the package.  Guess who didn't realize that they had caffeine?  

I'm going to just be a blasty-blast to hang out with after a few of those bad boys. 

While I was busy feeling like a badass because I was buying stuff real runners buy, I thought I'd check out some compression tights because you know... my legs hate me.  So I was happily contemplating some tights from Zoot when I turned the package over and saw the price.  $120?!!!  You're kidding, right?  That's how much my shoes cost me, and I almost cried when I paid for those too.  Sorry, legs, no compression tights for you.

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