Short runs are my new crack.

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Week 11, Day 1 (30 minute easy run)
2.8 miles/40:00

I am learning to really love my short runs.  I walk for 5 minutes, run for 15 minutes and then it's already time to start making my way back home.  You just can't beat looking down at the Garmin, seeing "20:00" and knowing you're halfway through!  Way better than seeing "1:00:00" and knowing you're still going.  I guess that shows how far I've come though - sometimes, it was all I could do to get through those 30 minutes of Couch to 5K.  Now here I am!  So that's pretty awesome.

In other awesome news, I took advantage of Borders going out of business today.  Sorry, Borders - maybe if you hadn't seriously jacked up your prices, you'd still be in business.  But I don't mind, because it made for reasonable prices!  And thus, this happened...

Disregard that it's backwards... thanks PhotoBooth.  That is Frasier: The Complete Second Season, and I got it for $10 less than Amazon has it for!  And yes, I know I am lame.  I also picked up a couple more goodies, like Runner's World: The Runner's Body, which I've read a few pages of now and find super interesting... as well as this gem...

Oh, kids... I believe I will be taking before and after pictures of me reading this book, because I think it will go from mascara on my eyelashes to mascara dripping down my face pretty quickly.  It's a book about a blind cat.  Teaching a woman to love.  Seriously?  It's like Gwen Cooper got in my brain and found the exact specifications for an all-out cryfest.  I don't know if I've mentioned this on this blog before, but I love cats.  I mean... I really love cats.  To the point that I understand how this girl feels...

Which isn't half as entertaining as the Songify version...

You're welcome.

Well, that was random.  But I couldn't let you go on living without hearing "Can't Hug Every Cat," could I?  Especially since I've watched it about 8000 times just this week, so... someone has to understand me.  But speaking of random...

How did that Mexican pig cookie get into my hand?!  I guess if it's here, I have to eat it.  Sad day.


  1. The title of this had me laughing and I laughed on through! Bless your cat loving heart. My in laws have a farm in Wyoming and they go through cats like toilet paper. We try not to get too attached around here. Know what my new crack is? Sugar. Okay, so there's nothing new about that, but it's true all the same.

  2. Ha! Amylee, you crack me up. Sugar is always my drug of choice, so I hear you there. Also, is it weird that I would love to go through cats like toilet paper? Wait, no, that's wrong... I mean that I would love to own as many cats as I own rolls of toilet paper. Please don't tell my boyfriend.