Friday had way more than 15 things and they all sucked.

So, I was planning on returning to blogging yesterday for 15 Thing Friday after being absent for several days (read: skipping workouts and eating my way through Disneyland and having a slight breakdown after a guy took a picture of David and I where I looked at least 4 months pregnant).  Then Friday happened.  It was a mixture of great moments, like having a nice breakfast with David and his friend August who is wonderful, and horrible moments, like my failed workout of the day.  And when I went to actually write my 15 Thing post, this is what happened:

1.  I just had probably the biggest running fail of my 2011 running career... and it sucked.  I went to the gym with David to do a nice, easy treadmill run, and made it through about 12 minutes before I just quit.  My left knee was killing me and I had horrible shin splints in both legs.  I'm now sitting under a fleece blanket with bags of ice on my knee and praying to the running gods that I will be able to make it through this half marathon with both legs still attached.


And then I stared at the window for about 20 minutes before I couldn't face it anymore.  Because I'm pretty sure if I'd finished it, the other 14 things were just going to be different reasons for why I suck.

Luckily, I have a really wonderful boyfriend who let me have a long cry on his shoulder and then watched me shove half a BBQ chicken sandwich and a creamsicle in my face and still loved me.  I am a lucky girl.

Incidentally, this is right before I left for my 11 mile run last Sunday.  Otherwise known as the last run I did, unless you count the 10 minutes on the treadmill yesterday.  Gosh, I can't imagine why I don't get faster and faster every week!

Right now I'm in another airport (Bob Hope in Burbank which is a VAST IMPROVEMENT over LAX) about to fly to San Jose to meet my family.  Tomorrow is (fingers crossed) my second to last long run before the half.  Which means tomorrow I should have something productive to post.  For now... you get pirate Jessica.  With a semi-hook.  Enjoy.

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