Guess who didn't run 9 miles today?!

Don't get too excited, kid... You're still doing it tomorrow.

Today's workouts:
Sculpt 30

Due to many factors (and no, laziness was not one of them, but I can't blame you for guessing) I decided to do my long run tomorrow and just attempt fitness today.  I'm backing up a little bit and restarting the last 30 days of Turbo Fire because, let's face it, I haven't exactly done well with it and I'd rather not look worse in my "after" pictures than I did in the horrendous "before" pictures.  This means that I'll be in the middle of the hardest TF week when I run the half, but... we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  

I wish I could say that jumping back into Turbo Fire was super easy and went incredibly well.  But everyone keeps telling me that lying is a sin.  So instead I'll be honest and say that I had nothing to eat pre-workout except for orange slices.  And I don't mean orange slices like the fruit.

But I cranked the air conditioning in the hotel room and got through it.  Sculpt 30 was a beast... HIIT 15 was worse.  I kind of thought I was going to throw up.  I also thought that during all the jumps at the end of HIIT 15 I was going to fall through the floor.  I'm sure the people in the room below us were thrilled with my existence.

Now it's time to force myself to sleep so that I can get up and run tomorrow.  Best of luck to me.

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