15 Thing Friday: Stuck in an airport edition

I wrote this whole thing in the airport last night, so it can rightly be called 15 Thing Friday, instead of 15 Things Formerly Associated with Friday... but it didn't publish.  I can't imagine why since I am such a patient person and definitely waited to see if it had published successfully before I slammed my computer shut and ran onto the plane.  That sounds like me.

So... here's a 15 Thing Friday.  On Saturday.  It's like Christmas in July!  You're welcome.

1.  I love Southwest Airlines.  Really.  I love them.  I love their adorable commercials, I love that I can check a bag and not pay ridiculous fees, and let's be honest... mostly I love that they give me unlimited snacks.  Especially when that means golden Oreos and the flight attendant who gives them to me hands me two extra packages, winks at me, and says he won't tell.  Bestie.

2.  But you know what I don't love?  Delayed flights.  And this beast is delayed by 40 minutes (fingers crossed it stays that way) so I will be all kinds of grumpy when I get to Burbank.  Which is really not unlike me normally, but at least this time I will have an excuse.  Luckily, I know what is waiting for me when I land.

David and Disney are my two favorite reasons to get on a plane.

3.  I got my nails done today, and unfortunately learned during the appointment that this weekend is homecoming weekend for the local high school.  I learned this when two girls, one in a cheerleading uniform and one in a poms uniform, came in and started yakking endlessly about which boys they thought were cute, which girls they thought were ugly, and why they thought that some kid named Connor got arrested in the middle of first period.  I'd forgotten how much I really don't miss high school. It made me very glad that I'm kind of a grown up now and don't feel in constant competition with my fellow cheerleaders about who is prettiest and thinnest and has the hottest boyfriend.  Oh wait.  I was overweight and in the marching band.  Did I mention I don't miss high school?

Yes, I spoke at my high school graduation.  Yes, it was awesome.  Yes, I am an idiot for losing the only hard copy of the speech that I had.  Because it was a tearjerker.

4.  My next two long runs will be done in California.  So on top of running a stupid amount of miles, I will be doing it in places I am completely unfamiliar with.  Thank God I have an iPhone because Google maps is the only reason I ever have any real understanding of where I am... aside from things like "I'm next to Taco Bell," which always makes sense to me.

5.  As excited as I am to see David as soon as I get off the plane, I am secretly hoping that there is food involved.  And by "secretly hoping" I mean that I've already told him what pizza I want him to order.

6.  I packed three books for the trip and I feel intellectual.  Please disregard that the three books are Intuitive Eating (a nutrition related self help book), The Man of my Dreams (possibly chick lit), and Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark (a young adult book).  I read plenty of literature in college.  I'm over it.

7.  I also packed my knitting and several discs of Frasier.  Because I am really 80 years old.

8.  I felt like a serious pansy today because for fun, I weighed my heaviest carry on at one of the check-in scales.  I had been whining for an hour about how hard it was to carry.  It weighed 15 pounds - less than I was using for all of my back exercises by the end of P90X.  Maybe I should pick up a weight again and you know... lift it a couple times.

9.  It's 8:15 pm.  That's bedtime, right?  

 10.  I lead the best Weight Watchers meeting of my life this morning.  Really, there's no topping this one.  I sang "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" and "Impossible" (two different versions of Cinderella = I am awesome), wore fairy wings, and waved a magic wand.  All while leading a meeting.  I wish I had a video of it.  It was spectacular.  And probably gloriously embarrassing.

11.  I'm wearing a scarf today.  For the first time in months.  I am finally content.

I know I look demonic, but I am only willing to take so many awkward pictures of myself in the airport. Like, 50 at most.

12.  I really hope they don't offer me golden Oreos.  I am tired and vulnerable.  That's just cruel.

13.  I had to say goodbye to Bonnie for two whole weeks today.  She saw my bags and knew something was wrong... she wouldn't sit by me and made sad faces in my direction.  When I hugged her before I left, I cried into her fur.  She wasn't upset.  Actually, she didn't even notice... I was holding treats.  

14.  Tomorrow morning I will be watching football with David.  This is what my mom would call a love offering.  Like when David watched Say Yes to the Dress with me.  I am really not a football fan.  Playing with the drumline in college meant going to all the games and pretending that I cared.  I really think it sharpened my acting skills.  So tomorrow I will be making food, eating food, and smiling politely a lot.  And probably wondering if Keeping Up with the Kardashians is on.

15.  If you too will be watching football tomorrow and need something to distract yourself or others... do yourself a favor and make these chicken strips.  We will be cooking together in spirit!  They are delightful and not greasy, so you can trick yourself into thinking that you're making a super healthy choice.  Which means happiness!  We're friends, so... I want you to be happy.

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