Triple Tangent Twednesday (better late than never!)

First of all, WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS!  I can't even begin to explain how exciting it was to get so many comments and watch my list of followers grow today.  I was checking my email and punching David in the arm all day.  I'm sure he was thrilled.

For those of who you are new, I feel the need to explain this post a little bit.  Originally, I stole the idea of Triple Tangent Tuesday from this beautiful blogger, but I failed at blogging on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays were dead to me, apparently.  So I started doing the tangents on Wednesday and calling it Triple Tangent Twednesday.  The end!  Now it's 11:57, so most likely this will end up being a Triple Tangent Thursday, but... we do what we can.

1.  My pretty, shiny bribe to trick myself into tracking my food for a week WORKED, kids.  I tracked for a full seven days, every single day, and I didn't even use all of my weekly allowance!  I love bribery, works like a charm.  Dangle something lovely in front of me and I'm so much more likely to get off my chubby parts and get moving.  I now have my Tervis tumbler!

We are pretty much inseparable already.  I feel like this is going to cause worse relationship problems than the time I told David I was leaving him for a buttermilk biscuit.  And yes, that really happened... in my defense, it was a damn good biscuit.

2.  I got up this morning, immediately got into my workout clothes, and did some Turbo Fire.  I was happily surprised to notice that my legs were actually doing pretty well - I kept a lot of the moves low impact just to be safe, but squats didn't make me cry nearly as much as I thought they would.  What did hurt more than I expected was the fact that my sweat was made of pure sugar and was really pissed to be coming out of my pores.

Oh, did I forget to mention the box of donuts that happened post-race on Sunday?  I might need to make a part four of the race recap, entitled "Freezing to Death, Naps Formerly Known as Comas, and Jessica vs. The Donut Box."

3.  David is in town (hooray!) which means lots of eating out... which means that I spent most of today in complete denial of the fact that I need to fit into my pants.  Take, for example, my breakfast, which I am not so proud to tell you I polished off without thinking twice. 

In case you're wondering, that is not the biscuit that I threatened to leave David for.  

But despite all of my pants fitting denial, even I couldn't finish everything at dinner, and so a miraculous thing happened that David insisted I share with all of you.

That's right, kids.  We have leftovers.  As you can see from David's bewildered face, we aren't really sure what to do with them, since we encounter them so rarely.  We think leftovers are for people who haven't learned to unbutton their pants in public yet.

But shockingly, after eating my weight in food all day, I'm not feeling super delightful.  So I've already chosen where David and I will be going to breakfast tomorrow morning.  It's one of his favorites, so I got called "the most perfect girlfriend ever" for suggesting it.  Really, I just need a place that will serve me oatmeal so that I can show my face at work tomorrow... but hey, I'll take the whole perfect girlfriend thing.  That's a solid bonus.


  1. In the last picture of David...He looks like Vlade Divoc. lol

  2. Love the pictures! Yay for logging your food! Bribery works great for me too! That breakfast looks TDF!

  3. OMG, I was all like 'I'm going to do a Things I Love Thursday' post every week and talk about things I love on my blog!" That dream crashed and burned REALLY quickly. Every time Thursday would roll around, I'd be like, "Nah, I don't love anything today".

    P.S. Fitting in your pants is overrated.

  4. With three kids, leftovers are like a part of our everyday existence. And man, those eggs look awesome . .

  5. I too run to get into my clothes. But at this point (3 kids) I honestly need the energy. Love your witty and charming blog.