Beachbody is going to kill me.

I just did the Fit Test for Insanity.

I might die.


  1. It's okay! Been there! But stick with it. It's okay to take breaks. Just hang in there and believe me, after doing all those jumps after about a month or so you will see a huge improvement in your running. Trust me. I plan on starting Insanity again in November. Oh, sh*t...That's next week! hahahaha

  2. Hey I am doing Insanity too! I know that people make a HUGE deal about how hard it is, and while it IS hard it's not impossibly hard. The fit test is intense for sure... But I am on day 4 and I just keep telling myself that I can do it. If I need to pause it for 30 extra seconds then I will, and as soon as I have my breathe back then I push play again. YOU CAN DEFINITELY DO IT! I also keep telling myself why I started in the first place and that 60 days from now I don't want to say to myself "man I wish I had kept that up cause here I am 60 days later and I know I could have done it" I did that with p90x and still wish I hadn't done that.