Can't believe it's October 9th!

I'm laying out all of my stuff as I type this... well, no, I don't have four arms, so I'm taking a break to type this.  There has been a slight adjustment in what I'm wearing because it will be about 35 degrees for much of the 13.1 miles.

In twelve hours, my we're-super-slow-please-don't-trample-us-when-we-shuffle-over-the-starting-line corral will be almost finished with the half.  And by "almost finished" I mean that we'll probably have about an hour to go.  Which to me means almost finished.  That's terrifying.

The expo was AMAZING and I will post more on it later.  For now, I am going to drink some more damn water, make sure for the millionth time that I have everything ready, call my boyfriend and hopefully, pass the hell out.  Because I'M RUNNING MY VERY FIRST HALF MARATHON TOMORROW MORNING!!!!

If you are awake nice and early tomorrow morning, please send me some warm, confident, fast vibes.