Triple Tangent Twednesday!

It's been a while since I had one of these!  Hooray for actually paying attention to what day it is!

1.  In case you couldn't tell from an entire post dedicated to absurd shoes, I am having an online shopping problem right now.  I blame this mostly on A) Road Runner Sports and B) Wanelo.  Wanelo is alarmingly addictive.  I didn't realize all the things I needed and never knew about before!  I mean, really... how did I live without these items?!

Not to mention this Etsy store filled to the brim with infinity scarves.  I have a thing for infinity scarves.  I feel that this store will get plenty of my business.

2.  Playing around on Wanelo reminded me of a pet peeve of mine, though - how loosely we have taken to using the word "dress."  For example:

I don't think I feel comfortable referring to that as a dress.  There isn't enough fabric in that whole thing, even with the sleeves, to make a dress.  That is glorified lingerie.  Are there people going out on the town in that?  If I tried to wear that beyond my own bedroom, my dad would find me, wherever I was, laugh at me and tell me absolutely not.  Are there no fathers anymore?!  Dresses have to cover all your bits.  Just sayin'.

3.  Okay, this one really is out of left field, but you can thank Wanelo again... sometimes I like to plan my dream house.  Little bits and pieces.  I know I want a big bathtub and a big shower, and for some strange reason, I've always wanted a canopy bed.  I wanted one way back when I was a little girl, but for some weird reason my parents didn't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars so that I could have a bed that I may or may not have still liked a few months later.  I had a tough childhood, clearly.  But, lo and behold, I still like the dumb canopy bed.  I believe Pottery Barn is partly to blame for this one...

At a mere $1,400 for a queen version, however, this is a steal compared to what I now have my eye on...

I am in love.  Anyone have a spare $12,600 lying around that they'd like to donate to Jessica's Dream Fund?  That's without the $2,825 for shipping from Finland.  Um... I have expensive tastes.


  1. You sweetie pie! I have had a ton of traffic thanks to this post - maybe we should schedule a giveaway when I go back on-line Saturday?? Huh, huh, whaddya think???

  2. @Ooh Baby!

    YES PLEASE! I'm so glad you got some extra traffic, too!

    Shoot me an email and we will figure out a giveaway if you're up to it :)

    Your scarves really are awesome, by the way! Love them!

  3. So it's not as fab as the one from finland but about half the price!!!