I'm alive, I swear.

I wrote this on Sunday, but have been having computer issues ever since, so... forgive the tardiness.  But I'm back home now and free from Florida's humidity for a little over a week (yes, I'm going back that soon... more on that later).  Which means I actually have hair.

 I also have crazy eyes, but that is neither here nor there.

Sunday's run:
Easy run around Disney's Boardwalk (first run since the half!!)
3.37 miles/45:00

I have officially become the kind of person that I used to make fun of... the weirdo that makes fitness a priority.  Not only did I pack all of my workout gear and running stuff on this trip, but I actually used it.  I set my alarm nice and early this morning because I had planned on doing three easy loops around the Boardwalk.  Today is exactly two weeks after the half marathon, and I've actually been craving a run, so I knew it was a good time.  I felt so good on the third loop that I decided to do a fourth.  Seriously.  Me from three years ago thinks me today is a complete tool.

But let's put this into perspective, shall we?  Let me show you some of the things that I have eaten on this trip so that you can understand why I desperately needed to go for a run.

And yes, that is greasy, delightful bacon that you see on the side.

This and the next two pictures are from a glorious thing event that my dad happened to get us tickets to... a white truffle lunch.  This is a creamy and INCREDIBLE risotto that I almost died over.  On top are shavings of white truffle, which tastes a little like garlic and is delightful.  Did I mention that white truffles are absurdly expensive (read: about $2000 a pound) and I'll probably never taste one again?  You  better believe I licked that plate clean.

Steak. White truffle. Sauce undoubtedly made from crack.

What you don't see here is the glass of brachetto (i.e. glorious sparkling light red wine that I die for) that I kept having them fill up.  But you do see a slice of chocolate polento cake.  Italians, you slay me... you make that, we make grits.  Marry me.  Please.

Please note that this pornographic display of food does not include the following: four (yes, you read that correctly) sandwiches from Earl of Sandwich, a freshly baked cream cheese pretzel, a massive chocolate chip cookie from Goofy's Candy Company, and the cheeseburger and hot fudge sundae I had for lunch yesterday.  Oh, and did I mention the French Regional Lunch?  It's no big deal... just a very fancy event for the Food and Wine Festival where gorgeous French waiters bring you a six course meal, complete with a wine for each course.  And they don't pour you one glass and let you go.  Please.  They keep topping you up until you no longer fit in your chair.  I have a serious love/hate thing going on with the Food and Wine Festival.

But I made it through the run without dying, and I'm very proud of getting a run in while on vacation.  Now I just have to try to do that again next time.  And maybe try exercising at home, too... um...

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  1. I just ate enough for 3 people for dinner and looking at your food porn made me hungry again. The first real run post race is always refreshing...glad you had a good one!