Hello SR readers!

So... Skinny Runner mentioned me on her blog...

And then I almost died because I started to jump up and down in excitement (yes, I am five years old, thank you for asking)... neglecting to remember that I'd run a whole lot on Sunday and my legs still hate me.  Oops!

A big HELLO AND WELCOME to anybody stopping by for the first time!  Now is where I'd normally say something lame like "Check me out!" and make some sort of I-think-I'm-gangsta-face, but I was mentioned on SR so I have to kind of pretend I'm cool.

Running my first half marathon AND being mentioned on the blog of a runner I admire?!  This is turning into a pretty amazing week.


  1. I came over here because of SR. I live in Denver too!

  2. @jamers601

    YEAH! Another Colorado girl! Are you as thrilled as I am that it's finally turning into fall around here?! Thanks for coming over! :)

  3. Yeah, love the cooler weather but miss the sunshine. I did the Liberty Run this year too. Thinking of doing the Melting Pot 5K too, maybe I'll see you there :-)

  4. I just ran my second half marathon but my first half marathon will always hold a special place in my heart! I enjoyed reading your race review and it made me think of my first because I loved my first one so much! Congrats on running your half!!