Four days down, three more to go.

Despite animal crackers that called my name tonight and lunch at one of my favorite places on the face of the Earth where I really enjoy overdoing it... I am still on track with tracking!  Planning ahead has made all the difference in the world this week.  Since I knew I was going to Sweet Tomatoes today, I was able to look up the PointsPlus values of the things I wanted to eat and pre-track them.  And I let myself splurge just a little because I knew I was having a healthy dinner tonight (stuffed bell peppers, which were delightful).  If you are reading this and are trying to lose weight - PLAN!  Then plan again.  And plan some more.  Really, I've been stuck for months, and it's all because I didn't plan or think ahead.  And it takes me what, a few minutes a day?  For heaven's sake.

I can't even imagine how boring this is to my readers who are not obsessed with Weight Watchers like me, or obsessed with my weight like me (weird), so please forgive me.  At least it's a nice break from goofy pictures of me with no makeup on, right?


Meanwhile, in other news that also happens to include me being goofy and lacking necessary hygiene...

Today's run:
Half Marathon Training Week Fifteen, Day One
2.88 miles/40:00

Delightful easy run, much appreciated after the tough run on Sunday.  I hit snooze several times before I actually got out of bed for this one, and then walked around the kitchen a lot debating not going out.  I'm so glad I did, though.  It was a nice temperature (though I'm still waiting for October to arrive) and I went out on the trail, which I still really enjoy for short runs.  It was a beautiful morning and I was very grateful to be able to enjoy it.  I didn't worry too much about pacing because the trail kind of does it for me - the first half is uphill and facing into the sun, so I don't go too fast, and the second half is downhill often accompanied by a refreshing breeze, so I look down and see that I'm doing a 10:30 pace and it feels pretty effortless.  This is exciting because if I am interpreting the map correctly (this is a massive "if," kids) the last two or three miles of the Denver Rock 'n Roll half is a gradual downhill.  I'm not sure if I'll be doing an effortless 10:30 pace after 10 or 11 miles of running, but at least it won't be too much of a battle to get to the finish line!

In other boring news, I bought the compression capris that I was looking at, along with some long overdue special workout undies.  Ahem.  Probably more than you need to know, but I am tired of getting sweaty and feeling... droopy.  It's upsetting.  Which is why I'm hoping that Moving Comfort lives up to the hype!  I've been eyeing their sports bras as well as I am really in the market for a new one.  Preferably seamless.  And cute.  With those cool contoured cups that make it look like I actual have boobs in a sports bra.  Wouldn't that be magical!

Okay.  Now I really am just making things uncomfortable.  But I've got to talk about sweaty underpants and boobs smashed into a sports bra somewhere.  David loves me, but not that much.

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