A bunch of random things!

I know it's not Triple Tangent Twednesday or 15 Thing Friday, but a list seemed easier to write than actual paragraphs.  Paragraphs feel like work.  And we all know how I feel about work.

1.  I have now tracked and stayed within my daily points target for three whole days!  Despite this not sounding super impressive, it's a big deal for me lately, so I'm thrilled.  I even went to Wendy's today for lunch (a combination of poor planning, intense craving, and the desire to chew my own arm off I was so hungry) but instead of just ordering blindly, I looked stuff up on my phone with the WW app and made reasonable choices.  And when I got hungry later, I made an apple peanut butter sandwich!  Healthy!  

Three days down, four to go.  My Tervis tumbler is so close I can hardly stand it.

2.  I am going crazy deciding what to wear for the half marathon.  And by "going crazy" I absolutely mean "driving everyone else crazy because I won't shut up about it."  No kidding, as I type this, I have six tabs open on my browser devoted to things I may or may not want to buy to wear for the half marathon.  Most of them far more expensive than I should even be considering.  Where is a sugar daddy when you need one?!

3.  What are not being considered at all, and instead just being purchased despite the painful price tag, are these bad boys.  I forced myself to do my two Turbo Fire workouts today and the whole time, my hips and knees were pissy.  I've looked at compression tights before and always deemed them too expensive, but then I read this on the CW-X website: "The patented CW-X Support Web provides targeted support to the knee, IT band and hip flexor areas for greater stability and improved performance."  Support for the knees and hip flexors?  Um... yes?  I don't care if you cost as much as I make in a week... which is more a testament to my terrible wages than your price, really.  If you can make my legs hate me just a little bit less, you are worth every cent.  I was torn between getting the CW-X and the Zensah capris, mostly because I think Zensah is kind of circulating the blog world and everything keeps getting rave reviews.  But the CW-X has more rave reviews, and I can get them for a little bit cheaper on Road Runner.  Every little bit counts for those of us poor people with expensive tastes.

4.  Oh wait, that's it.  That's all my brain has left.  So... um... here's me flirting with Dale.

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