Yesterday's run:
Half Marathon Training Week Eight, Day One (30 minute easy run)
2.62 miles/40:00

Yesterday's workout:
150 calories/19:16

I took Bonnie on yesterday's easy run... that was an adventure.  Bonnie is very cute and very sweet and very fuzzy, but she is not a very good running partner yet.  She struggled with pacing (read: she wanted to run 5 minute miles and I did not), she struggled with endurance (read: she wanted to stop and smell everything at least 4 times and I did not), and I think she struggled a little with proper fueling and hydration (read: she doesn't like Cytomax and believes newspapers and magazines are great fuel).

But despite being kind of a pain in the posterior, she slowed my pace down quite a bit... which really pissed me off while it was happening, but left me feeling refreshed at the end of the run instead of exhausted, and my hamstrings remained happy the whole time.  Score one for the puppy.

The HIIT workout was a little meh.  I'm struggling to get my heart rate up in the HIITs, which kind of defeats the purpose... for some reason, in the regular Fire workouts, I can easily get my heart rate up into the 170s, and keep the average around 155 or so, which is working pretty hard for me.  But for this workout, my average HR was 142 and my highest was 168.  I'm hoping this is just a phase and not a sign of the dreaded overtraining.  


Stay tuned for Triple Tangent Twednesday... because Tuesdays and I don't get along.

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